Eli James is breaking boundaries as the modern one man band. He drums, he sings, he spins the tunes we all want to hear and all while providing a visual treat via a custom light show that includes his drum kit! Eli grew up in the Pacific North West moving from place to place with his brothers and father. Eli would spend countless hours going to his fathers practices and rehearsals whenever he could, falling asleep in front of his fathers band rehearsals like a rock n roll lullaby. And after years of growing up in the 80s hair metal lifestyle with his father, Eli realized his own destiny was in music. Eli does his own solo show mixing his favorite tracks with his own original tunes, while drumming (and singing)! The DJ will never be the same again.

Consider The Lemming

Consider the Lemming is an Alternative Punk band from Kansas City Missouri. It was formed as a cover band in 2011 by guitarists Justin Longmeyer and Mason Potter and drummer Jacob Denney (who met while playing in the band for a school show choir), along with friend Brad Smith on bass and vocals. The band soon reformed with it's current lineup, appointing new member Lonnie yost as lead vocalist, Longmeyer as guitarist and lead songwriter, Potter on guitars, Denney on bass and new drummer Kamron LaMar, playing mainly original material. Justin Longmeyer and Brad Smith also have begun an up and coming side project titled Eggs on Mars.

David Castro Band

The David Castro Band was formed in December of 2008 near Tulsa, Oklahoma. Offering an infusion of folk, rock, and modern alternative,
the group has been entertaining crowds of all kinds throughout Oklahoma and the Midwest.

Brian Maloney

I have been living life since 1971,and it still amazes me.found music at an early age,and fell in love instantly.My fit band experience was in 1992.The band was occidental ox,we were a band for nearly 5 years.From1997,I have been solo occasionally,I may build a band.The adorn,simple story,transmission through wire,are a few examples.At the moment I'm looking to travel the world with my guitar.

$5.00 - $7.00


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