Strate Jak It

Strate Jak It

Strate Jak It is a tenacious 6 member hardcore-fusion band that hails from St. Paul, Minnesota. Strate Jak It has been playing an important part of the regional music scene since 1997. The band continues to bring a unique and fresh perspective to today’s hardcore music by blending a fusion of metal, hip-hop, thrash and rap-core with their aggressive, in your face style. Strate Jak It is one of the pioneers of rap style metal and their tight, flawless performances are evidence of the chemistry and musicianship among the Strate Jak It members.

Mars On-Fire

Mars on Fire is an upcoming, Midwest band. They come from small Midwestern towns. They lead normal lives. They are ordinary people. But what Mars on Fire brings to the table is anything but simple and ordinary. Their music is a blend of beauty and pain, rock and metal, dramatic highs, crushing lows, and many of the life experiences we have all endured. Mars on Fire will soon release their debut album, Exploding into Life. They provide an outstanding live show which excites, stimulates and moves the audience. Mars on Fire is 4 talented artists doing what they do best - making timeless music. They have shared the stage with bands such as: Cold, Mushroomhead, Kill Devil Hill, Smile Empty Soul, Bobaflex, Another Lost Year and 3 Pill Morning. Three songs from their upcoming debut album have been released so far; "Exploding Into Life", "Paper Thin" and "For Sale" Mars on Fire will be taking part in Iowa's top all day music festival, Rock Cornstalk, July 27, 2013.

Apathy Syndrome

Apathy Syndrome is a five headed disease welling up in the shadows of Des Moines. First and foremost, Apathy Syndrome prides themselves on a live show with intensity that is unrivaled - a genuine experience to accompany the blistering brutality of their sound. They are comprised of bastards and nobodies that came together to make music that decries the monstrosity that is life and human interaction.


Corpse is a one man machine, who started making music in October of 2011. He is originally from Omaha, NE, but currently resides in Des Moines, IA. He produces his own beats, writes his own lyrics, and records his own songs. His unique blend of horror-based beats, along with cut-throat vocals, really keeps everyone surprised, as to what he's going to do next. He has a voice that needs to be heard, and will not stop until everyone has had a chance to hear it. Keep an eye out for his debut album, which will be released later this year.

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