Rocktoberween at The Vanguard!, MC'd by Randall Shreve & The Side Show, Dr. Plasticine

MC'd by Randall Shreve & The Side Show

Randall Shreve & the Sideshow brings their own wine-soaked flavor of indie rock to audiences around the country. Their music, which has been described as “Vaudeville Rock,” derives its unmistakable sound from influences such as Queen, Muse, The Beatles, and Jeff Buckley, but plays them against the dark and sultry backdrop of cabaret. While the rock is thoroughly modern, it exudes the ambition, grit and glamour of Old Hollywood, and manages to transport the listener back in time to an earlier era. Fans have come to expect not only exceptional musicianship from their live shows, but a unique entertainment experience. They never leave disappointed.

Dr. Plasticine

Dr. Plasticine is an American singer, songwriter, DJ, and electronic music producer. Taking influence from many styles of music, Plasticine comes from deeply planted musical roots. Beginning with his rock bands as a kid in his hometown of Tulsa Oklahoma, the Doc's love for music production grew. "I've always considered myself somewhat of a tech-head, I love messing with recording programs and gear.." said Plasticine. Dance elements had always been a big part of even his earliest music, but now Dr. Plasticine has mastered the art.

Why the name Dr. Plasticine you may ask?... Plasticine is a putty-like modelling material used by many great sculptors to create their masterpieces. The Doctor is like Plasticine, molding and shaping into different styles and forms every day, yet capturing a signature sound all of his own. You never know what you'll get out of him, there are no creative boundaries.

OLDMAN is a hard hitting group that thoroughly enjoy their time together, on and off stage. Always bringing 110% weather it be in a rehearsal spot or onstage, since their formation in early 2013, but onstage is where this group REALLY shines!! Drawing inspiration from all genres of music from metal to country and everything in between, the members of OLDMAN have been playing on stages for over 12 years!! Keep your eye out and your ears open because OLDMAN is coming!!!

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