Big Fletch, Uncle Luke, Big Lang, Swed Poet Society, Jabari, BC

2013 brings us to a tumultuous time in the music industry. The days of major labels dominating the market aren't behind us, but with new information and technology readily available, being an independent artist has never been easier. That is to say, if you have the perseverance, determination, and charisma to do it on your own.
Houston native BC, has been through enough drama as a DIY artist to authentically deliver a new message, heART. This record is a five song journey into the soul of the American Independent: a look into the psyche of an eternal underdog, fighting through personal battles and impossible situations to deliver the truth. There is hope through struggle, knowledge through experience, and if we learn to listen to our heART, nothing is out of reach.

$8.00 - $10.00


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