Grace in the Woods, The Skunks

Grace in the Woods

Grace In The Woods is an Alternative/Pop/Indie band from The Bay Area in Northern California. Members are Neem Wood and Grace Evans.

The Skunks

PowerTrio with dynamic mix of roaring chords, manic energy and sonic restraint resulting in garageland meltdown rumble.


Waxwyng is a Progressive Metal band combining instrumental elements of Djent, NWOBH and Thrash with Classic Rock/Heavy Metal Vocals.

Hailing from Rohnert Park, California, Edgard Duenas (Lead Gtr), Will Reyes (Rythm Gtr), Wilky (Bass) and Andreas Hernandez (Drums) are joined by Matt Cruz (Vocals) to give you an auditory experience, blurring the boundaries between all subgenres of hardrock and heavy metal.

With their energetic live performances, they are ready to take on the world with their unorthodox and continously evolving style.

Formerly known as Dirge of Icarus in 2010, the band was founded by Edgard, Will, Wilky and Adam Painchaud pulling double duty as drums and vocals. A full time frontman was required, and so Andreas Hernandez was hired to fill in the role of drummer as Adam took on full time vocals. Dirge of Icarus then changed its name to WAXWYNG. Later on, due to geographical diffuculties, Adam was regrettably discharged from the band in September of 2011.

Lacking a vocalist, Waxwyng continued to play shows while in search of a new frontman. Having answered an ad for a vocalist at the Santa Rosa Junior College Library, Matt Cruz was auditioned and was immediately and unanimously chosen as the new singer of Waxwyng in January of 2012.

Waxwyng is a progressive metal band, heavily influenced from bands such as Periphery, Pantera, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Described as a progressive metal band with thrash and british heavy metal roots, Waxwyng is a cohesive mix of all things metal.



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