California Love: A Brooklyn Send-off Party for Abbey Ley, With:, Grand Voyager

Grand Voyager

Brooklyn's finest synth band.


A snarky, ballsy collision of frenetic noise punk riffs, odd rhythms, abrupt changes and performance art provocateuring, BODYPARTS is a three-piece blitz. Free associative lyrics are belted out in Spanish and in English, and the songs are concise enough to refuse any attempt by the listener to overcome the confusion, at least upon first listen. With some room for spontaneity, BODYPARTS execute an incredibly well orchestrated cacophony.

Taking influence, and a name, from the Swiss designer/architect Le Corbusier, Brooklyn's Corbu claim to write music based on the creative aesthetic of translating visual patterns and shapes into sound. That might sound erratic, but the soothing atmosphere found across their "We Are Sound" EP is a world away from angular riffs and spikey beats. Soulful vocals in the vein of Twin Shadow's George Lewis Jr. sum up a sedative and pastel-colored sound.

Met City

Stockholm Fancy, the floridly arranged new album from Met City, is a whimsical, introspective journey baring the garbs of European cityscapes and the revelatory lyrical nuances of a bygone troubadour.

Wearing contemporary influences such as Regina Spektor and Vampire Weekend, while paying homage to music of a baroque yesteryear, Met City achieves a sound both orchestral and lyrically driven.

Mat Alano-Martin's blog, Postcard Elba, noted that Met City "manages to take the baroque sensibilities of Rufus Wainwright and Andrew Bird and infuse them with a driving pulse, an idealistic urgency and a playful fun that manages to sidestep the overwrought and maudlin shades that often come with the genre."

Frontman and songwriter, Loren Berí, brings a modern sensibility to themes manic, romantic, culturally Jewish and otherwise.
Berí and Met City currently reside in Brooklyn, New York, having recently relocated from Portland, Oregon.

Met City has shared stages with various acts including Brett Dennen, Ty Segall, Beach Fossils, The War On Drugs, Murder By Death, Pete Francis and more.

Imaginary Weapons

sounds like memories again ,listen to the voices in your head ,,,,,,high school day dreamers cutting class and living out lost days rocking there ugly faces off in a smokey blue basement. adversary is there lot mysteries in the water we dance on glass and kiss with our fist, irony is a defense position, humor is opposed to irony --corrosive and limited. opposing the conspiracy of stupidity and wickedness. wings made of feedback and an ancient pulse . clues to a puzzle ..the kids on acid and he smells what you feel, one party's ending and an other is beging future life and a love of mystery, we make the best of friends on this journey...



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