Point Break Live!

Point Break Live!

Point Break Live!, the live-action stage show that has thrilled audiences and critics for years, is coming to Brooklyn!

Point Break LIVE! is a spoof on the 1991 blockbuster classic starring Patrick Swayze as Bodhi, the Zen-surfing leader of a gang of bank robbing adrenaline junkies called the Ex-Presidents, and Keanu Reeves as Johnny Utah, an ex-college football star turned undercover FBI Agent.

But the best part? YOU CAN BE KEANU!!! That's right -- at each performance the lead role (Johnny Utah) is played by an unrehearsed volunteer chosen directly from the crowd and voted for by the rest of the audience. "Righteous BRAH!"

Point Break LIVE! is not your typical theater experience (thank god). In fact, it might be the best stage adaptation of an action movie in the history of the world. The interaction literally spills out into the crowd as the cast robs banks, rips waves, catches tubes, blows shit up, skydives with loaded guns, and even chows down on hot meatball subs. "Utah, get me two! TWO!"

Described by LA2day.com as "all-encompassing, wet, interactive, loud, extreme, and altogether awesome," Point Break LIVE! is not the place to show off any new designer evening gowns. Leave your finery at home and don't forget to buy a survival kit. You will get wet, you will be robbed at gunpoint, you will be spattered with fake blood and possibly even thrown on the floor by belligerent bank robbers or molested by over-sexed surfers, you might even get hit with a meatball sandwich. The audience is involved in the action to such a degree that HustlerofCulture.com proclaimed, "'Point Break LIVE!' is the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' for our generation."

$21.00 - $26.00


*** Contact mads@littlefieldnyc.com for GROUP DISCOUNTS for (20+ people) *** Limited seating on first come first serve basis ***

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