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The Ghouligans!

The Ghouligans! are DYING for you to check out their show!

Have you been ravenous for programs that are geared more towards your sick sensibilities?! Have you been "fiending" for horror and comedy so fun that it makes you want to scream?!! Well dig no further than The Ghouligans!

These fun party monsters exist purely to bring on the death of life sucking reality shows and brain numbing infomercials. The Ghouligans! follows the adventures of Boris Stein the monstrous Frankenstein Construct, Wolfgang W. Wolfgang the Likable Lycanthrope, and Void King of the Slow Zombies! Joined by a cadre of your favorite cult cretins including Vampires, Sea Creatures, Luchadores and sexy Go-Go Girls.

Since 2005, the indie production/comedy group The Slack Pack have been writing, producing, and acting in The Ghouligans! They have been touring the country making numerous appearances at Horror/Sci-Fi conventions spreading their fun vibes and good times, paying homage to the classic horror monsters and TV shows and cartoons that have inspired them as kids. They often like to describe themselves as "The Monkees" meets "The Munsters" or Sid and Marty Krofft meets "Pee-Wee's Playhouse"!

"What makes The Ghouligans! unique is our classic comedy approach to the famous monsters of the past back when monsters were fun! Viewers can always turn to us for an alternative to the extreme horror style of modern times. It is our mission to prove that horror, like life, can still be fun and funny in a world that has become very serious and dark. When you have had enough of reality TV, The Ghouligans! will take you back to a simple time in horror entertainment, while keeping true to the classic monster characters you love."

You can sink your teeth into some Ghouligans! entertainment by checking out their many DVD's including "The Ghouligans! - original black & white release" (2006), "The Ghouligans! SuperShow!" (2008), and "The Ghouligans! 100 Years of Monster Movies hosting The Last Man on Earth" (2010). Also coming in 2013 is their brand new 6 episode Mini-Series!

Parade Grounds

Formed in February 2011, Parade Grounds was drummed up by Brooklyn-based guitar player and singer Jared Sochinsky. With a self-titled album released last summer consisting of seven musical gems, the band is set on creating music that is raw with emotion and topped with an indie/folk sound.

The band's journey may have taken a while to come together, but their music is all the better for it. Sochinsky had been set up to go on tour with Delta Spirit, but due to time restrictions, it didn't work out. Not to be deterred, he decided to create his own band, recruiting friends Ryan Parker (drums), Doug Drewes (bass), and Andy Emereitz (keyboard). Once they started jamming together, it all clicked. Their first performance as a band was at the now-defunct Brooklyn venue Southpaw, which was also the catalyst for creating their record Parade Grounds. With the help of a generous Kickstarter campaign, they were able to create the album and go on tour to promote it.

Some songs on the album, including "All That I Need" and "When I Wake," are love songs gone wrong. We can all relate to breakups and the heartache that inevitably follows. Another personal favorite is "Don't You Know," which focuses on the depression that America recently experienced and how it sadly affected families. Starting off with harmonics, the slow swaying song really hits you hard when you listen to the lyrics.

-Vanessa Torres for Indie Shuffle

The Letter Yellow

The Letter Yellow began in Brooklyn, NY, in the winter of 2011 when Randy Bergida started writing songs at a furious rate. Just over a year later, in July 2012, he releases the band's debut album "Walking Down the Streets." The 12-track record is a perfect pace of blues and rock—all with a modern kick, a strong beat, and lyrics that are both offbeat and universal. The Letter Yellow is all about real musicians playing together in a real space making real music.

A guitarist and vocalist, Randy founded The Letter Yellow after years with Skidmore Fountain, and as a solo singer/songwriter. For "Walking Down the Streets," he teams up with talented friends Mike Thies on drums and Abe Pollack on bass, for a Brooklyn made album. It was recorded at The Creamery, mixed at Studio G and mastered by Total Sonic, which are all in everyone's shared neighborhood, Greenpoint.

Gypsy George & the Open Road Love Affair

Gypsy George & the Open Road Love Affair attempt to take the mood, sounds, air of a random road trip and recreate it though music. Based around multi-instrumentalist Gypsy George and a revolving door of musicians from all different walks of life, the band's motto is, 'if ya played with us once, you're a lifetime member!'

see ya' on the open road!

- gypsy george.

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