Walking Bicycles

Walking Bicycles

Chicago’s Walking Bicycles have been making their own brand of bombastic and peculiar music since 2004. Their upcoming full-length is due out August 12, 2014 on the band’s owned and operated label, Highwheel Records. Walking Bicycles bring listeners into a world imbued with struggles, failures and life's unforgiving nature; yet there are glimpses of acceptance, understanding and peace that only come from experience.
Walking Bicycles sound has been described as...
”evoking early, abrasive Siouxsie and the Banshees and even touching on Clinic's more frenzied forays into noise pop.” - THE ONION
"eccentric noise-pop" - MAGNET MAGAZINE
"caustic and unconventional post-punk" - CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Unicycle Loves You

"Unicycle Loves You is unabashedly a noise-pop band, but not in the (no-fi) sense that Sisters, Japanther, Railcars, or early No Age jams are noise-pop. Rather, singer/guitarist Jim Carroll, singer/bassist Nicole Vitale, and drummer J.T. Baker author lo-fi indie-pop bangers that graft together figurative bits and pieces of underground 1990s/2000s bands they love with oddball sonic feints and samples. In Unicycle songs—which somehow manage to combine "mid-tempo" with "high-octane"—you might encounter trace amounts of My Bloody Valentine, Belly, Guided By Voices, Of Montreal, the High Water Marks, the Fiery Furnaces, The Strokes, and Belle & Sebastian, bathed in Carroll and Vitale's mawkish, harmonized sarcasm and concentrated bursts of effects-pedal napalm."
- The Village Voice

The Good Points

The Good Points are Emily, Ian, and Paul, whose combined first initials create the acronyms EIP (Easy Investment Plan) and PEI (Prince Edward Island), or just the word, pie. They play drums, organ and guitar (dog). Song themes include word games, emergency vehicles, the night time, and time travel.

They are a small rock band formed from former members of various sized rock bands such as The Dials, Submarine Races, Maximum Wage, and Happy Supply.


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