Halcyonaire is a young, independent, rock band with an ancient sound that is currently stationed in the San Francisco Bay Area with many of the members hailing from Southern California. Halcyonaire channels their diverse sound through spirits of their varied origins, creating a unique amalgam of spiritual desert drones, sun-drenched country pop, and California soul.
The band released “Dread Hymn,” their self-produced, debut full-length album, recorded at SF’s Tiny Telephone by engineer Ian Pellici (Deerhoof, Matt Pond) in 2010, and completed a successful, self-funded West Coast tour to promote the recordings. As the band continues to grow, the year 2013 will see the anticipated release of the single “Young Penitents” in July, as well as the eventual release of their second full-length album, scheduled to be finished later in the same year.

This independent drive has inspired core members of the band to found the Oakland collective Cackle Cough Phony, through which the band employs their staunch DIY ethic to produce their own recordings and design, constantly pushing themselves creatively.

Timothy Owens

TEAM O (a/k/a Timothy Owens)
What does the O stand for? is it Orgasmic, organic, orangutangy, original? Yes. Team O is an ever rotating group of extraordinary musicians bringing the songs of front man
Timothy Owen to life. To be a member of Team O requires extraordinary talent and more importantly, the ability to reach into ones chest, tear out the still beating heart and present it for audiences to devour. Metaphorically, of course. Timothy's songs combine poetic eloquence with raw desperation to create a world of opposites that somehow all make sense. While the most common format of Team O live is upright bass, percussion, fiddle, pedal steel, guitar and keys, anything could happen on any given night and past Team O performances have included trumpets, accordion, lute, throat singing, and much much more.

The Gospel Flats

The Gospel Flats is a San Francisco Bay Area duo made up of Graham Patzner and Chelsea Coleman. We make pretty music because we love you and want you to be happy.

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