Lecherous Gaze, Hot Lunch, LSDJs

Lecherous Gaze

From the smoldering ashes of punk rock powerhouse Annihilation Time, which festered for a year and a half in a downtown Oakland flop house noted for once housing bands like High on Fire and Drunk Horse, rises the Lecherous Gaze. Steeping themselves in the Hendrix-tripped guitar-god worship of bombastic 70's rock and the primordial 60s rockin' rawness of Chuck Berry, Graham Clise and company's hard-core of Flag and Sabbath worship has congealed into a sticky sweet nug of potent hard rock hash. New front man Lakis Panagiotopulos's soulful timbres, inspiring comparisons to the legendary larynges of Joey Ramone and Glenn Danzig, layer over the punishing grooves of Chris Grande and Noel Sullivan, as mad axe man Clise shreds his Marshalls to their breaking points. Spending 2010 in a pupal stage of cooking up their jams into a frenzy-inducing stew of awesomeness, while members worked fill-in gigs for the likes of Saviours, Witch and Sweet Apple, Lecherous Gaze have transmuted into the perfect beast to carry rock and roll into the 2012 Armageddon.

Hot Lunch

FOLLOWING the sudden implosion of Parchman Farm, frontman Eric Shea knew that he had two options; start a Firefall tribute act named High On Firefall or build a heavy punk 'n' roll quartet by sandwiching members from his favorite San Francisco bands. Following his gut, he pursued the sandwich.

Shea assembled a band comprising guitarist Aaron Nudelman (Mensclub), drummer Rob Alper (SLA, The Fells) and bass player Charlie Karr (Harold Ray Live In Concert). With vintage refrigerator sized tube amps and Rob's double-kick setup, these four men were soon channeling their love for Grand Funk Railroad, Hawkwind, Lobby Loyde, Misfits, Crushed Butler, Alice Cooper, Blue Cheer, Rush, early 1980s skate punk, UFO, Ace Frehley, Gedo, Sir Lord Baltimore, and Chuck Berry. But the dudes also shared a lusty hunger for noontime meals served piping hot, which led to one of the most clever, well thought-out and originally conceptualized monikers in the entire history of all music: Hot Lunch.

Their debut LP was tracked at Tim Green's Louder Studios. Recorded on two-inch tape and mastered by John Golden. Thrasher Magazine has exclusively leaked a few songs on their "King Of The Road" video – but the band is keeping the rest (and best) of the album under wraps until its official 2013 release on Tee Pee Records (and Who Can You Trust? Records in Germany).


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