The Entrance Band

The Entrance Band

The name, The Entrance Band, can conjure images of secret entryways, or it can represent the feeling of being dazzled and delighted – quite literally, to be put into a trance. The music made by The Entrance Band can awaken either definition, and countless other dimensions as well.

Since first collaborating together on the 2006 album Prayer of Death, guitarist/vocalist Guy Blakeslee, bassist Paz Lenchantin and drummer Derek James have breathed continued life into the sound of The Entrance Band. That energy has translated into a catalog of recorded expression and an unassailable reputation for offering one of the most intuitively-interconnected live performances on the planet.

These memorable melodies and their near-telekinetic musical kinship are found in full flower on Face the Sun – certainly the band’s most compelling collection of songs to date. Their first full-length in four years, it is an album built firmly upon notable transformations experienced by all three band members. Face the Sun is a rare and remarkable collection of songs that recognizes and honors both sides of the journey toward the light.

Sam Flax

Sam Flax might have been the most impressive new band on the bill, a post-Hawkwind synthy Numan-wave band with two keyboards, a drum machine, and a couple guitars—and they looked as good as they sounded, with a poncho-clad bassist looking like Ariel Pink's taller brother, and a blond male guitarist/singer wearing a multi-colored windbreaker and Kim Fowley's cheek makeup. His female co-singer on keys looked pretty bad-assed too, with a futuristic funnel of hair on top of her head: I couldn't get a proper photo of her, so I'll just post this similar photo of Sean Young from Blade Runner.

Raw Geronimo

Laena Geronimo's brain child. Songs written, demos recorded. February 2011 band members were sought out amongst hyper talented musically obsessed friends. By March the resulting six-piece began playing out. Citing obscenely vast influences from the smashing of rocks to Paganini violin solos.
We enjoy sunset walks on the beach, nerding out, and making people excited.

Cellar Doors

“Depeche Mode and Joy Division robbed the biggest bank in London, and in the safe they found Cellar Doors. I love music you can rob a bank to and this does that for me.”
- ALEX MAAS, (The Black Angels)

Hailing originally from LA via San Francisco, Cellar Doors are blowing up fast within the thriving Californian Psych scene.

Leading exponents of what is being called the third wave of psychedelic sound, they have also been coaxed out of their thriving underground scene for support slots via. invitation from the likes of BRMC, Roky Erickson, Toy, Allah-Las, Mystic Braves and Alex Maas (Black Angels) among others.

Their much anticipated debut album is one of the most hotly tipped in recent times around the Bay Area, dripping with pure power psych melody overlaid onto undulating walls of sound. Powerful, brooding and danceable all at the same time, it feels timeless and cutting edge all at once.

Lead single “Frost” sounds like “helicopter blades cutting through thick black molasses”, tearing out of the speakers as if it were a forgotten classic heard on the jukebox of some far away planet, conveying the simple electricity of attraction whilst staring at your own life in a hall of warped mirrors.

The single comes out as a limited edition white vinyl 7” on Spiritual Pajamas Records (home to Mammatus, The Entrance Band, Magic Trick among others) on February 14th, and is accompanied with a video by the English director Nathan Seabrook.

$12 adv / $15 door


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