East Palo Alto Blues Festival 2014 Benefit Fundraiser

East Palo Alto Blues Festival 2014 Benefit Fundraiser

Patrick Brock and Co. presents in conjunction with the East Palo Alto-Belle Haven Chamber East Palo Alto Blues 2014 Festival Benefit Fundraiser.

For more information call PATRICK BROCK 650-799-8563

Bay Area Blues Society Caravan of AllStars

Caravan of AllStars is a powerhouse revue put together to showcase some of the unsung heroes of West Coast Blues.

The Bay Area Blues Society is a non-profit, 501 © (3) organization dedicated to the perpetuation of Blues, Jazz and
Gospel as an indigenous American art form. We are dedicated to the preservation, promotion and representation of this
American folk music and cultural forms of Blues, Jazz and Gospel as they took root in African-American communities.
The communities of Oakland, Hayward-Russell City, Pittsburg, Richmond, and Vallejo all have deep roots in the music

For the past 26 years, the Bay Area Blues Society has surpassed all other blues society's who focus on just Blues festivals and membership. We have reached out within our community, as well as expanded to other communities, to present the rich musical heritage of the Blues, American's only true home-grown art form.

Fillmore Slim

“You know me, I'm Fillmore Slim” has been spoken out loud most everywhere in the city of San Francisco. As Clarence “Fillmore Slim” Sims turned 75 years old in the month of November, 2009, this legendary bluesman continues his music and magic.

Born November 7, 1934 in the rich musical heritage city of New Orleans, Louisiana, “Fillmore” has lived a transformation like no one else. Bestowed upon him are some of the most significant monikers that truly intertwine with a very real American history. “Tailbone”, “Guitar Slim”, “Fillmore Slim”, “the O.G.”. His respect and love for music runs through them all.

He grew up on a farm picking cotton and plowing the fields utilizing a mule. As a youngster he discovered music from his grandmother. He moved to the Los Angeles area in 1955, performing with his band Eddie and the Blues Slayers; he relocated to San Francisco opening shows for the likes of BB King and Dinah Washington; his first single released in the late 50ʼs, was a song entitled 'You Got the Nerve of a Brass Monkey' on the Los Angeles based Dooto record label.

This VIP of the music and underworld would go on to be revered by the members of the hip hop world including Snoop Dogg, 50 cent, Big Daddy Kane and MC Lyte. Among other celebrated musicians, he has toured with Joe Tex, Harmonica Slim and Little Willie John, performed with Sly Stone and T-Bone Walker, and recorded with Joe Louis Walker, Bobbie Webb and Rick Estrin. “Fillmore Slim” continues to master his gift of storytelling as singer/guitarist/songwriter.

He is currently working on his 7th blues c.d. titled "The Blues Playa's Ball" on the Mountain Top Label. He is also recording a collection of his favorite jazz standards like "My Funny Valentine". His musical styles, a mix of Blues, R&B, Funk, Rap, Jazz, West Coast Blues and Soul are what make "Fillmore" so chill.

Big Cat Tolefree

From the inner-city limits of beautiful Oakland, California, Big Cat and his Hipnotic Band has single-handedly transformed the West Coast blues and soul sound with his trend-setting music and vocal style. Name drops aren’t needed for the multi award winning, 3rd. generation Russell City blues singer. Big Cat has the skills and sex appeal to stand on his own for decades to come. Big Cat Tolefree opened for The Temptations, BB King and Jimmy McCracklin.

Big Cat has shared his incredible new sound all over, including festivals, premiere concert venues and larger night clubs coast to coast. He’s earned “New Blues Artist of the Year”, “Male Blues Vocalist of the Year” and Europe’s “Best Traditional Blues Artist” all in one amazing year. His traditional "Night Train" song continues to top radio charts, including international spins.

Don’t sleep on the West Coast’s new rising star in the blues game, he’s a great guy to work with and a gem when it comes to raw talent. Big Cat has quietly become the most popular, sought-after male blues singer in over a decade. Blues fans come from miles away to see his extraordinary stage show, featuring his sexy back-up singers and talented band The Hipnotics.

Alvin Draper

To listen to Alvin Draper, is to truly feel in the presence of one of the great original Blues men. He speaks it, lives it and definitely plays it. In his music you can hear the authenticity of the living Blues, its heart and soul. But don’t be fooled, just when you feel like you’ve time-traveled into the 60s and 70s and must be listening to some down home Blues in the South, you hear his highly original and futuristic sounding solos in the middle of a classic standard. Alvin has a particular style of picking his strings when he solos, he adds complex sounds, that resemble computer sounds, more like experimental new Jazz and his strings begin to speak a new language. And then he blends it all right back in, that’s when you realize you’re in California and it’s the 21st century. Alvin Draper has the music lover’s attention every second.
Alvin Draper was born in Lubbock, Texas, but raised in Goree Texas, where his mother lived. They had a big café where everybody who worked on a farm would go on the weekend, to have good time from Friday through Sunday. Alvin was just in diapers when the musicians in town came around to the café to play. Almost incredibly, most of the musicians were related to his grandparents. Lightin’ Hopkins was his grandmother’s nephew and Alvin’s dad was a great guitarist and vocalist. His name was Richard Draper. He taught the musicians that came through, so Richard Draper was pretty good, one can tell by just taking a look at some of his pupils: Sonny Boy Williams, Little Walter, T-Bone Walker, Gate Mouth Brown, John Lee Hooker, and many more. At the age of fourteen Alvin's parents were divorced and he had to drop out of school to take care of his siblings. He worked at an auto shop and played his guitar in nightclubs. He loved music, but didn’t rely on it because times were hard and one didn’t get paid very much for gigs, so he always kept a 9-5 job. Alvin married his first wife at the age of 18, and moved to Palo Alto, CA. in 1968. His wife passed away in 1975. Alvin played all over the Bay Area Peninsula, and his first band was called Alvin and the Challengers.

Alvin has played with many well-known legendary musicians, to mention a few: Sam Cook, Little Willie John, T-Bone Walker, Bobby Bland, Etta James. His major musical influences were: James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Jimmy Reed, and Tyrone Davis. Alvin’s mom kept the young Alvin in church most of the time, and pretty much all day on Sundays. As an adult he didn’t go very often but did play gospel music and attended church every now and then. One of the churches he attended was Zion in East Palo Alto, where the preacher asked him to play for the Lord. Alvin considers himself to be spiritual, and he believes that when he plays music people are healed whether it’s at church or in the nightclub. And as Alvin says: “If I know you guys love it, I’m happy too!”



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