Aima The Dreamer, Davu Flint

Aima The Dreamer

Aima the Dreamer has been rockin' crowds for years as a vocalist and MC with groups such as J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science, The Mamaz, Goddess Alchemy Project and Jazz Mafia's Brass, Bows and Beats Hip-Hop Symphony. As a freestyle rapper, poet, singer and versatile MC, Aima the Dreamer brings her array of talents and influences to the stage.

Davu Flint

From murals to music, from poetry slams to theatre, from beats to rhymes, emcee and producer Davu Flint is a multi-genre creative artist constantly searching for new ways of expression. The Pittsburgh native and San Francisco resident keeps the beats and rhymes sharp, as he effortlessly waxes poetically about the everyman’s struggle. As a performer Davu has shared stages with Camp Lo, Psalm One, KRS One, Illogic, Wiz Khalifa, Ursula Rucker, Grillade, Replife, and The Adrian Younge Black Dynamite Sound Orchestra.

Khafre Jay

In Khafre Jay's mind, hip-hop and politics are synonymous – there could not be one without the other. He has an appreciation for nature, knowledge and symbolism. Khafre sings just as well as he raps and D-Wiz's intelligent beats make you feel like you're literally getting smarter. If there were such a thing as conscious hip hop this would be it. Having performed in over 38 states and sharing stages with the likes of Method Man, Hieroglyphics and Casual, Khafre is all action. Khafre has always worked with troubled youth, a group whom he indentifies. He helped save a kid who tried to jump from a second story window. He wants kids to have a positive outlet or, as he says, "Something they can skate with."


What does a fresh, modern-day Shakespeare look like? The poetry loving man, better known Champlu, has the answer.

Champlu is a rising star from San Francisco Bay Area’s own Change Up Entertainment label with an unparalleled gift of language manipulation to convey powerful emotions and a conscious message to today’s urban music fans.

Champlu’s style is like listening to the return of the golden age of hip hop when the genre was full of diversity, quality, innovation and influence. With a varied mix of styles sure to touch a range of audiences, Champlu’s poetic artistry is not to be taken for granted.

His name is a playful take on the title of a widely popular Japanese anime series called "Samurai Champloo.” The actual word means “to blend” or “a mixture of styles” and is a fitting title for an eclectic rapper who is hip hop to the core.


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