Jaunting Martyrs

Jaunting Martyrs

Never mind the baby faces, this is a savage band.

Kitten Grenade (single release show)

Kitten Grenade is Katelyn Sullivan, Ben Manning, a ukulele, a loop station, and some other stuff sometimes.

Blood Party

Blood Party is an aggressive, experimental, instrumental, rhythmic duo. Combining a crunchy, peculiar, ambient array of tones, producing a cocktail of curious sound from its two band members: Ben Humphrey and Paul Wilson. Blasting through their live performances with bursts of warm, melodic, electronic compositions, followed by grinding, angry energetic beats of pure chaos that invite the listener to question how so much noise is being produced by two people. Blood Party's first seven song EP, "Blood Bath and Beyond," is available now.

Coffee Shop Dropout

Coffee Shop Dropout is an alternative band from the East Bay Area started by MJ Gurule (Lead singer and guitarist from the band scotchmallow) and Zack Bateman (Bassist and former producer of Hip Hop Group, Spirits in The Basement) in late 2011. In early 2012, they recruited drummer Sandra Kay Evans and have performed venues such as: Starry Plough, The Fireside, High St. Station, Etc. and have also been featured on 89.5 Kpoo radio, The PCR Collective, and the Alameda Journal. With the release of their first demo, Grounded, as well as a follow up single, Stain, the band is hard at work on their first full feature length album. Their influences include bands like Nirvana, Green Day, Pixies, Tom Waits, Foo Fighters, The Clash, etc.


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