Benefit for the library in the Rachel Corrie Cultural Center for Children and Youth in Rafah!

Benefit for the library in the Rachel Corrie Cultural Center for Children and Youth in Rafah!

Please Join us for a Saturday afternoon of music and dance to raise funds for the renovation of the library at the Rachel Corrie Youth Center in Rafah, Palestine! While on a delegation to the Gaza Strip in late 2012, MRSCP members toured the youth center, which provides badly-needed educational and recreational opportunities for Rafah's children. They were shown an empty library room that needs to be furnished with chairs, shelves, desks, a computer and printer. MRSCP gladly accepted this project and has raised over $3000 of the $3990 goal!

Music con Brio w/ special guest Yid Vicious

Yid Vicious has been engaging and delighting audiences throughout the Midwest since 1995. The group has released four CDs and has received numerous Madison Area Music Awards for its unique blend of traditional and contemporary klezmer. In 2009, Yid Vicious became the first performing arts ensemble in Wisconsin to receive a USArtists International grant, to perform at Argentina’s KlezFiesta, an international klezmer festival spanning three cities and including bands from ten countries. In 2006, Yid Vicious toured Chiba Prefecture, Japan as part of the
Wisconsin-Chiba Sister State Goodwill Delegation. Yid Vicious is committed to keeping traditional klezmer music and dance alive, and collaborates frequently with internationally renowned klezmer dance instructor Steve Weintraub. The group has participated in the New York-based “KlezKamp: The Yiddish Folk Arts Program”, and was a featured performer at the “KlezKamp Roadshow” directed by Yiddish scholar Henry Sapoznik at the University of Wisconsin in April 2009. Yid Vicious has presented concerts, workshops, and clinics at performing arts centers, cultural festivals, universities, and K-12 schools in Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan, and has performed to statewide audiences on Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television.

Intemperance Collective

Intemperance Collective is the fault of its lead singer and trumpet player Anna Purnell, a 15 year veteran of Madison, Wisconsin's inimitable Balkan band, Reptile Palace Orchestra. Purnell retired from the group in 2010 to focus on her lounge band, The Velvet Smash, but found she could not live without the addictive thrill of performing for folk dancers.

Thus, Intemperance Collective was born, its mission to house Purnell's smoky, passionate vocals in a more acoustic and traditional setting. Purnell recruited members of Veseliyka and RPO into the band (see Bios). The result is stripped down, kick-you-first-and-kiss-you-next Balkan folk dance magic.

What's With That Band Name, Anyway?
"We're intemperate in our love of the music," Purnell says, "and we hope dancers will demonstrate similar abandon." Band members noted that, collectively, the band might also be considered intemperate were its consumption of Good Old Potosi beer to be considered. Purnell shushed them, but did hand them a bottle opener.

More seriously, the band is also a collective because its musicians represent a great wealth of musical, stylistic, and cultural knowledge to the joy of making music together.

Enough. Let's dance, already.

$5 Suggested Donation

Family Friendly Benefit/fundraiser with proceeds going to the Rachel Corrie Library Center in Rafah. There will also be a craft sale to raise extra funds for the library.

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