Old Buffalo Money, Dirty Nigel & The Strap-Ons

Old Buffalo Money

Old Buffalo Money is a Madison, WI three piece rock band that have been playing steadily at local venues for the past two years. Having just released a second EP, "I'm the Glue," concert goers can expect to hear a mix of tracks off the new album as well as last year's, "The World's News."

Dirty Nigel & The Strap-Ons

Dirty Nigel & the Strap Ons is a Theatripunk™ outfit that's been hacking away at your favorite Madison watering hole for the last two years. Erratic, Dramatic, and Blackly Humorous, the DNATSO sound is infectious to hipster drones, moms and other straight-laced skeptics with their brand of seizure inducing unchained kinetic energy. AND at the end of the Summer, they are breaking up! See them now, before it's too late, and brag to your friends, that you saw the Madison Legends: Dirty Nigel & the Strap Ons!

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