Little Bombs

Little Bombs

Little Bombs is a band inspired by the legendary alternative rock scene of their hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota. Formed in the fall of 2010 by good friends Kieren Smith and Derek Johnson, these guys believe in real, honest music that listeners can relate to at a visceral level - much like their Twin Cities predecessors.

And while the duo's last names may be common, the music on their self-titled debut album is not - with a sound drawing inspiration from The Replacements and early Weezer. The record was produced by hometown hero Ed Ackerson at flowers studio, another nod to their Minneapolis roots.

Currently the pair is playing anywhere and everywhere they can. After all, for these down-to-earth Minnesota guys, they don't care how long it takes - it's all about making one fan at a time.

Modern Suits

Modern Suits is a band that gets back to the basics. Loud guitars, catchy hooks, and a persona as massive as their sound are a few of the things this band has going for them. The five-piece indie rock band is here to prove a point: Good music is good music. Stripped down, the songs are just as powerful as when they're played full band. These guys pride themselves on quality over quantity, and don't rely on computers and iPod backing tracks to fill in the gaps. What you see is what you get, and it's more than you would expect.

The Escape (CD Release Show)

Unlike other bands who spend most of their time touring the county, sleeping at random truck stops and showering in rest stop bathrooms, The Escape, a Philadelphia-based rock band, took the past two years off from such luxuries to rediscover themselves. "We wanted a fresh outlook on what we loved most about being in a band: writing music." Putting aside their considerable catalog of music, they chose to wipe the slate clean and give their fans something that they've never heard from The Escape before. The songwriting is honest and true, the lyrics are genuine and sincere, and the band’s trademark heavy hitting, upbeat edge doesn’t miss a beat. Be sure to check out New Direction, available April 9th 2013.

$8.00 - $10.00


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