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Mammal Dap

Formed in October 2012, the mammals of Mammal Dap united with an animalistic hunger to craft and perfect their unique, mind-bending blend of experimental soul and psychedelic R&B. The band has one goal: to create music that will pulsate through the ears of their listeners - rendering souls electrified and floating over-head.

For the past year, they have been hard at work in their home studio writing and recording. Their debut release is entirely self-produced, engineered, and mixed. Take in the sounds of Mammal Dap and listen for what is to come.

Gathering large influence from Prince’s soul and Fela’s power, melding the spirit of Talking Heads with the layered voices of The Beach Boys, EMEFE uses its original blend to prove that there are no bad days, only days that need a new soundtrack. Using guitar riffs to liven your spirit, horn melodies to blow your cares away, explosive percussion breaks, keyboard magic and the baddest bass around, EMEFE shaves off the past and lets you dance you right into a Good Future.

To watch EMEFE perform is to be seized by sound and exalted with the energy and magnetism the band brings to the stage, the street, into the audience and into your body and mind. EMEFE’s show will shake you in and out of your comfort zone, lift you up with joy and give you a taste of what it feels like to be a part of music fueled by pure love and devotion.

EMEFE means Music Frees All, and EMEFE plays music that frees all. Feel it for yourself! We’ll meet you on the dance floor.

Sway Machinery

Though Sway Machinery frontman Jeremiah Lockwood grew up listening to both records of famous Jewish Cantors in his grandparents' Queens apartment (his maternal grandfather, Jacob Konigsberg, was a well-known Cantor himself), as well as the blues (he started playing blues guitar as a teenager, studying and playing in the New York subways with famed Piedmont blues guitarist Carolina Slim), it wasn't until he was an adult that he was able to bring the two together in a coherent amalgamation. In 2006, Lockwood teamed up with Israeli percussionist (and Balkan Beat Box MC) Tomer Tzur, as well as tenor saxophonist Stuart Bogie and trumpeter Jordan McLean of Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, and Arcade Fire touring member Colin Stetson. Lockwood based both his lyrics and melodies on Jewish High Holidays prayers and 20th century Cantorial music, while the music pulled from each of the member's personal experiences and styles. Signed to JDub Records, the Sway Machinery's introduction was a multimedia performance on Rosh Hashanah in 2007, called Hidden Melodies Revealed, and held at a famous New York temple. That same year, Tzur moved back to Israel, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs drummer Brian Chase took his place behind the kit. In 2008, the quartet released their debut self-titled EP, followed by the full-length, Hidden Melodies Revealed, in 2009. John Bollinger was eventually brought in as the new drummer in advance of 2011's The House of Friendly Ghosts, Vol.1, a collaboration with Malian vocalist Khaira Arby.

Peoples Champs

People’s Champs play music for the mind, body and soul. Enamored and obsessed with roots dance music from all over the world, they mix jazz, hip-hop, rock and soul from the USA, Latin America and Africa to create new hybrids. The result is a passionate sound that will move you. Literally. Led by trombonist/vocalist Alex Asher, People’s Champs feature some of New York’s top musicians, who also perform regularly with Baja and Dry Eye Crew, Slavic Soul Party!, Meta and the Cornerstones, The Superpowers, Baye Kouyate, Jo Jo Kuo and his Afrobeat Collective, Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, Larkin Grimm, The Rex Complex, Cuddle Magic, Afrodesia, Nation Beat and many others. Please come hear them at a Bar, Club, Library, Farmer’s Market, Loft Party, School or Swimming Pool near YOU.

Slonk Donkerson

Slonk Donkerson is a band consisting of Parker Silzer '12, Dylan VanDenHoeck and Zack O'Brien. They grew up together in a pristine slice of suburbia in NY called Pound Ridge, but Dylan warmly refers to it as "The Shire" because of its "lush and calm" nature. The band recorded a short EP Wyoma last year and just released their first full-length, self-titled LP this summer, both of which you can pick up now free on their website. In addition, they've recently played a few shows at local all-purpose-artsy-space AS220 as well as at similar venues in New York City.
While Slonk Donkerson officially formed about a year ago, its roots run much deeper. Parker, the guitarist, and Dylan, the bassist and lead singer, have been jamming together "for forever," according to Parker. Their previous musical projects leaned more toward the "folky, bearded, acoustic-guitar-strumming" side of the rock spectrum before they shaved off the facial hair and plugged in their axes. They recruited Zack, an old friend, to drum with them, and so Slonk Donkerson was born.
Parker and Dylan came up with the silly yet harmonious moniker "Slonk Donkerson" by "just sitting around giggling and making up weird titles," according to Parker. Little did they know that "slonk" according to Urban can mean either: 1) "A very annoying person"; 2) "A sudden onset of tiredness"; or 3) "An enormous tird[sic] that clogs up the toilet," changing the band name into anything from a nonsensical surname to an ironic pun to a crass, vulgar statement. Nevertheless, the band prefers to consider the name holistically. Parker believes it fits them well. "That's us," he says. "We're earnest but we don't take ourselves too seriously."

Inspired by '80's alternative/punk bands like The Replacements, Hüsker Dü and Wipers, Slonk Donkerson's sound is strongly reminiscent of that era of coffee-stained wife beaters, shredded denim, and shoulder-length, unkempt hair—much like the mane Dylan sports now. On their self-titled LP, fuzzed out guitar, dark bass lines, and Dylan's at times melancholy, at times aggressive vocals mesh into an unfamiliar, off-kilter experience. "In It 4 the Chase" evokes a dark, chaotic ambiance while "Dumb" features an uptempo beat and punchy shouts that can easily pump up a crowd. In an increasingly cluttered music scene, Slonk Donkerson hopes to distinguish itself with solid songwriting and a "strong conceptual backing" that wields this dark punk aesthetic.
-Brown Daily Herald

"...Dead Stars have some immediately familiar sounds even on the first listen—Pixies' loud-soft-loud trademark, Built to Spill, Pavement and Hum when they decide to unleash the wall of guitars. Anyone claiming to be a fan of those bands should get this album today..."




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