Riverwild is a four-piece from Brooklyn, New York. They are the sons of first generation Portuguese immigrants and of Post-60’s California cult leaders. Their musical influences are as diverse as the sounds of the Catholic liturgy, the racket of cult worship services and the sources that, as children, they would find inspiration and escape such as late-night F.M. radio and stolen cassette tapes.
Songwriter and guitarist, Michael Monteiro, met Sam Anderson (bassist) and his brother Paul (drummer), while working in an East Village bar. It so occurred that among the minutiae of working in a bar and late night conversations, they discovered mutual influences— 80’s-tinged pop, the anthems of Springsteen’s Jersey and the similarity of their roots under the influence of religion. At this point, Michael revealed bedroom demos that he’d recorded and the three formed the band. Brendan Root, lead guitarist and childhood friend of Monteiro, joined the group soon after.
The music of Riverwild is concerned with redemption either by God, substance or women and often, the confusing embrace of what feels like all three at once. The songs are about hazy moments of epiphany that occur at 3am that are equally dark and euphoric. In a spirit of defiance against this darkness, the music is anthemic and seeks to affirm the struggle to find one’s own voice.

Eastern Midwestern

Eastern Midwestern are four friends from Brooklyn, NY. They practice in a walk-in closet. Their s/t debut record comes out on June 5th

VOWS are a reminder of a time that never happened and probably never will. Inspired by film, literature and romance, VOWS' sound somehow begins in your head, next to Bauhaus and your old Cure tapes, and ends up in a seedy, underground dance club after everybody has left.

Matt and Rizz first met at College in their hometown of Sydney, Australia. Even though as children they grew up on opposite sides of the world, they both turned to Television to distract themselves from unsatisfactory childhoods - pop culture and its beautifully tragic underbelly permeates everything they've done.

After becoming fixtures on the Sydney experimental music scene, the eternally restless friends decided to ditch their hometown lives and headed for Los Angeles where they shared a Hollywood studio apartment for 18 months. During this time they worked in studios, played some shows, took odd random jobs and indulged their idea of a good time - cheap vodka and Koyaanisqatsi viewings. They also spent as much time as possible piecing together what would become their inimitable sound and style - somehow arriving at a mixture of confessional storytelling set to club beats, grinding synths and mechanistic, post-punk tinged guitar lines, all deceptively rooted in pop.

In 2012 the pair relocated to New York City, where they are now based.



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