Raime are Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead, an enigmatic London-based duo seeking to re-establish electronic composition as a physical and emotionally inquisitive force. Their debut album, 'Quarter Turns Over A Living Line', is upon us, released on sharp London label Blackest Ever Black in November 2012, and a stunning new A/V live show emerges with it.

To date, over three sold-out EPs released on and a select string of imperious live outings (including at Sonar as watched by Aphex Twin, a pronounced admirer of their work, and dates with the likes of Hype Williams and Cut Hands), Raime have honed a shadowy aesthetic all of their own.

Their music offers a creeping, unavoidable sonic truth, moving steady and relentless from the speakers and weaving vast waves of sound, both beautifully intricate and artfully industrial, around gut-shaking rhythm cycles. On 'Quarter Turns Over A Living Line' the gothic and industrial signifiers of their earlier work remains, but more submerged and oblique than ever - no less pronounced as influences than jungle's rhythmic dynamism and doom metal's oppressive weight, or aspects of techno, modern composition and dub.

Josh Cheon

While attending Rutgers University, he became the Music Director for 90.3FM The Core for two years and held internships at Beggars Banquet/4AD/Matador and DFA Records. These internships gave Josh a first hand look at independent record labels and how they operate.
Moving to San Francisco in 2006, Josh fell into the disco revival with Honey Soundsystem and secured a weekly show on West Add Radio called Slave To The Rhythm. In 2009 he launched Dark Entries Records, a label aimed at restoring underground 80s music as well as contemporary bands referencing those analog sounds.

Austin Cesear

Oakland-based Cesear is one of the most refined of a crop of up-and-coming local dark dub-heads and producers, with releases forthcoming on Opal Tapes and Anthony Naples' label, Proibito. A review for his last record on PI: "Elements drift imperceptibly across the grid or painstakingly uncoil through unusual parametric shifts; rhythmic patterns are de-quantized and ruptured in the subtlest ways. To listen to Cruise Forever is to listen to a mind exploring, with no little flair and originality, the implications of a few basic propositions—many of them culled from the dance floor. Cesear is quite a find, and his future movements ought to be watched with interest."
-Angus Finlayson, RA


The Body/Current crew aren't much for mission statements, but they like to stick to their credo: "Deep House, Dark Techno, All Night Long." Like the afterhours cabal he helped found, TDM is always mutating--a black mirror reflection of his alter-ego The Dice Man, a crumbling chip from the concrete disco of Castle Hands--always retreating further into darkness to a chorus of clanging pipes, hissing hi-hats and brick-wall drum blasts.

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