New Year's Eve with Moon Taxi feat. Machines Are People Too & Case Bloom from Tucker & Bloom/Boom Bap

Moon Taxi is one of those rare bands that unites musical ingenuity with thoughtful lyrics and still somehow manages to wildly entertain and thrill a crowd. Their new record, Cabaret, is a layered, multi-dimensional endeavor that displays the band's maturing sense of their own musical identity. A follow-up to their live album, Live Ride, Cabaret illustrates the challenges of defining yourself in a world that seems to be suffering from its own identity loss. Lead singer Trevor Terndrup says, "It's about juxtaposition—putting together seemingly opposite ideas and finding a strange harmony." Inspired by surrealist artwork and novelist Tom Robbins, Terndrup says, "I guess we are trying to say that things are not so black and white, or good or evil, but relative to your own perspective."

Evoking the musical revolution of the sixties and seventies, Moon Taxi ignites their eclectic sound with unique melodies and energetic shows. The band has already formed a loyal fan base across the Southeast, selling out clubs and creating a strong grassroots following. Keyboardist Wes Bailey says, "It's an incredible feeling to see people who we've never met before in a town we've never played before, dancing and singing our lyrics at the top of their lungs. That's what really gets us off."

Machines Are People Too

Machines Are People Too formed during the sweaty summer months of '09 in Chattanooga, TN when lead singer Brian Sylvester began writing vocals over producer JJ Clark's infectiously catchy dream-pop tracks. The two began performing at monthly dance parties with two keyboards, a laptop, and a microphone. Their first project, a four-song DIY EP was only available on cassette, each copy hand-stamped with custom labels. After a year of destroying Chattanooga basements with their DJ-centric rowdiness, the duo was ready to expand their band and overall sound. Longtime friend, Cain Lassiter, was soon called upon to add some saxophone, but has since settled into his role on keys. The final piece to the puzzle came along with legendary drummer Ivan Garcia, whose ability to keep a strong steady beat could be matched by no machine. In early 2012 they headed to LA to hit the studio with Lars Stalfors (Mars Volta, Matt & Kim, Le Butcherettes) to record and mix the tracks they've been working on for the past several months.

Case Bloom from Tucker & Bloom/Boom Bap

Case Bloom...DJ, entrepreneur, promoter, crowd the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Tucker and Bloom and The Boom Bap. Raised in the Music City on trips to local record stores, too many tacos, and late night hours taping DJ mix shows off the radio, Case caught the hip hop bug early on and has been putting in work behind the turntables and in the streets for a number of years. Cases' diverse musical selection, impecable timing, and seamless mixing hit dancers square in the sweet spot, taking crowds on a journey through party classics covering Funk and Disco, Hip Hop, Breaks, House, Latin, and everything in between. His monthly party, The Boom Bap, is an institution in Nashville and Philadelphia and is always on the move (The Boom Bap has recently hosted parties New York, Orlando, and Miami). You can catch Case rocking along side folks like Evil Dee, Tony Touch, Jay Ski, Diamond D, Rob Swift, JS-1, Rahzel, Mike 2600, and 9th Wonder, or on bills with the likes of Greg Nice,The Foreign Exchange, Rich Medina, Ski Beats, Freddie Gibbs, Murs, and Sonny Moon. You can also find Case on the world wide web at:

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