Alex Ridha (aka Boys Noize) was first known for his influential work as a producer and remixer for Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Santigold, Scissor Sisters and Feist. Voted by Rolling Stone as one of the top 10 "DJs Who Rule The Earth," in 2012, Boys Noize has since toured the world, released three full-length albums and has collaborated with artists like Snoop Dogg, Skrillex, and Erol Alkan. "I don´t compromise when it comes to music," says Ridha. "I do what I think is cool and what I like and not what the market wants or people may expect. Maintaining artistic freedom has always been the most important thing to me; for my own music and for anyone on my label."

Enter the young prodigy Pilo, who has been hitting the music scene hard and fast with a brand new release from the Turbo Recordings side label ''Twin Turbo'. Gaining praise and popularity from people like Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, Dave Clark and Jackmaster, Pilo has been on everyone’s minds and mixers for the past few months. Among his biggest fans are Boys Noize and Harvard Bass, who are raving about his underground techno music style, which has pulsed through the Los Angeles music scene with Pilo’s unique musical sensations. His Ubstraktion EP, as well as his track Forte Inductance have made him a booming newcomer to the techno scene, but definitely not an amateur.
Pilo, also known as James Cameron Ward, is an LA Film School Graduate with a degree in Science of Recording Arts, studied percussion and piano, but found his passion in electronic music. His love for music and his pursuit of the perfect beat is influenced by his love of Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop and his lovable cat Chowder.

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