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California X

Though California X's cartwheeling, low-end-friendly noise has drawn quick comparisons to Dinosaur Jr. (also, it should be repeated, of Amherst, Mass.), lead vocalist Lemmy Gurtowsky shares little in common with J Mascis. Not a whiner or a wailer, the Happy Valley trio's frontman is, like his band's self-titled debut full-length, direct in a way that recalls Bob Mould and Steve Brooks of Torche instead. But just as Brooks' Miami metal outfit has succeeded in maintaining extraordinarily high sugar levels despite their work's frenetic nature, California X are gifted popsmiths, never allowing the sludge to obscure their many hooks

Turnip King

Turnip King is from Sea Cliff, NY.
~basement extravaganza~

Total Slacker

"...a very lascivious sound and hovering vocals...Listless and languid phrasing." - Anthony Mansuy/ ROLLING STONE July-2010

"Front man Tucker Rountree manages to echo both Thurston Moore and Lou Reed with his half-sung, half-spoken lyrics about being young, broke, and in love." - Jamie Peck / Village Voice -July 2011


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