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Bob Green And The Whiskey Conspiracy

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Dirty Shannon

Take a quick listen and you can’t get the song out of your head. This is truly the universal problem of all the Dirty Shannon fans in the world. With rhythmic guitar hooks, passionate vocals, blistering bass lines, and explosive percussion, Dirty Shannon is making an impressive mark on the music industry with a new level of sonic quality that is evident from the first lick. This band has figured out how to get back to rock and roll basics- and they’re just in time.

Originating in Central Florida in 2004, Dirty Shannon began as a group of musicians who felt that the fading wave of melodically crafted music deserved to be revived in their town. The band states, “There are so many great acts today that have been short sided due to radio trends or other industry deficiencies, we have to try to put our songs out there and hope that someone finally gets what music is about, rather than succumbing to the latest crappy trend.” With this in mind, songwriters Paul Schick and Victor Scott have crafted an impressive lineup of guitar and vocal hooks to shape the sound that has become Dirty Shannon.

With the added energetic rhythm section of Marco Castellini, and Jeff Carr this five piece produces a cadence that fans can’t shake from their heads. The band has a fine tuned live sound and employs a strong sense of instrumentation in arranging their recorded songs that keep this mix in your memory bank.

Dirty Shannon had played for fans of all ages in a variety of Central Florida venues. In doing so, they have formulated a live show continuously grows their fan base. They have released a debut set of recordings available on iTunes entitled “Weather, Time & Possessions.” While touring locally and throughout the Southeast, the band looks forward to meeting and cultivating new fans along the way.

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