mikO Tolliver & KiTTiE PeRM

mikO Tolliver & KiTTiE PeRM

mikO Tolliver is an electro-pop singer-songwriter and guitar player from California. Her musical style delivers hooks and lyrical prose over a backdrop of guitars, synthesized sounds, driving rhythms and experimental breaks. Her debut album "Heart is Money" blends her musical influences of Bjork and Bloc Party with a love of film and sound like 80’s cult classic "Labyrinth."

Her album plays like the merging of split personalities, combining Indie-pop tunes like "Virgin’s Veil" with rock opera inspired title track "Heart is Money," adding the electrified singer-songwriter side of "Unlocked but Unsure." Performing all the instrumentation herself, the first track starts with an electronic dive while the album goes on to use heart beats, bombs and a solo of mechanical sounds. Beginning in late 2009, she spent three years recording at the London Lab Studios with sound engineer Vince "DJ Daris" Hudson, allowing time for her recording tricks to take on an improvisational approach. Starting with the guitar, adding a beat and then effects to build a hovering tone for guitar solos, drum breaks, effects and fills. Sometimes cutting out pieces to give new emotion to the music.

She recorded most of the songs using her Rickenbacker 620. The guitar also best re-creates the recording process when she’s performing live, hitting both the tonal effects and the melodic progressions. On stage she plays with a live band of backing musical soldiers she refers to as KiTTiE PeRM and has taken her live show to places such as the House of Blues in LA, the Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco and various music festivals like the Palm Springs Gay Pride Festival. Mixing songs with drum kit rock rhythms and melodic breaks, the percussion often simplifies to hand drummed Cajons and tambourines while her pedalboard of various effects and light keyboard sounds add the ambiance.

Picking up the guitar in high school, mikO started her music career writing student reviews for music distribution companies and playing open mics and student events in college. Performing in local bands and recording demos out of various studios, she worked at various record shops, underground labels and as a music analyst for a start up digital distribution company. After picking up a roster of private students, including America's Got Talent Runner's Up PopLyfe, she wrote and sold a self-published color-coded guitar booklet for beginners, Guitar Basics. Building a fan base of parents and schools allowed her to fund the recording sessions for "Heart is Money" and start a children's after school music program, ROCK STAR GUITAR ACADEMY. As a songwriter and musician, she licenses her music for use in T.V. and film and performs regularly. Currently she has begun writing for her sophomore album and will begin recording Summer 2013.

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