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Whiskey Hotel

The Secret Society of Sipping. The Dastardly Devils of Drinking. The Charming Champions of Chugging. The Wonderful World of Whiskey. #WhiskeyHotel

Con the Villain

We'll tell you who we are, but whether or not you believe us, is up to you. We're from the kingdom level above human, and if you want to go there, you have got to follow us because we are the guys who have the key, at the moment.

It requires that, if you wish to move into that evolutionary kingdom, you must leave behind everything of human ways, human behavior, human ignorance, human misinformation. It means that you leave that world behind, that you even become another individual. It means that even the mind that you have as a human is aborted. And the soul that was given to you is filled with next-level information, next level mind - and a new creature is born.

This is your chance, we can take you out of here, we can lead you into that kingdom level above human. That can't happen unless you leave that human world you're in, and come and follow us. This planet is about to be recycled, refurbished, started over.

If we would title our bio, it would be "Last Chance To Evacuate Earth, Before It Is Recycled".

I, Revere



The Poynt

Paloma Blanco

At a young age singing was always my passion and a gateway to letting people see the real me. I have been through a rough journey of singing with other people and bands.

It has taken me a while to see that writing and performing my own personal music will take me to the next level of being a performer and a songwriter.

Brendon Conroy

L train are native New Yorkers delivering the stories and sounds of NYC. It's members, Crystalla Gonzalez (Vocals), Gabriel Castellar (Guitar/Vocals), Chris Arico (Bass Guitar) and David Guevara (Drums) are made up of various ethnicities and cultures. This enables them to blend all the different styles of cultures that can be found on the NYC subway. L Train began in January 2011 & looks forward to spreading the message of love, understanding...& the Funk.

Vol Mol


On the Offense

Rooted in the late 80's NYC Hardcore Scene, former and current members of FACE THE FACTS, RESISTANCE, SPENCER, AWKWARD THOUGHT, ABOUT TO BREAK, CAUGHT IN A TRAP, THROW DOWN, SPED and OLDE YORK. Just doing what we do and playing what we feel and love. Old School to the New School and everywhere in between.

No Dice

New York hardcore from Queens. Influenced by Warzone, Shutdown, Agnostic Front, Blood For Blood, Sheer Terror, Wisdom in Chains, Murphy's Law, The Bruisers, Gorilla Biscuits, and Cro Mags.


New York hardcore band. DEBUT EP "Objects in Motion" coming out soon!


In a genre where loyalty and tradition mean everything, North Jersey’s Ninety Six not only emulate those sentiments, but expands on them with a take on hardcore that seems to of been lost in todays breakdown laden heavy music scene. With their highly respected debut E.P.'s Blizzard and D.O.T.D under their belt, Ninety Six has released their debut album Caught In The Grips to a wave of immense praise and recognition. Their music is laced with energetic, groove-laden riffs that pays respect and homage to the way hardcore used to be done while staying original. Having already played with hardcore legends such as Sick of It All, Suicidal Tendencies, Biohazard, Cro-Mags, and Madball, Ninety Six’s sound and fan base continues to grow and leave an impressive footprint in the genre.

Johnny Booth

5 friends who have nothing but their music and each other... get on up, get into it and get involved.

Silent Grey

A modern and melodic metal and hardcore band from NYC, expressing real passionate music.

Vincent Price is Right

Vincent Price Is Right started in spring of 2011 as an Idea in a friend's backyard in Queens. It was a discussion about music between guys who had over the years played in punk rock, hardcore and metal bands, but had never broke any real ground. The idea was to get together and write some songs. that Idea was realized and with only four songs thrown together VPIR, as it is affectionately abbreviated, was asked to play a benefit for Cancer in honor of a friend who passed, whom is also the inspiration behind the song, Church. VPIR agreed to play the benefit, and they did badly. Although It triggered something, a viral youtube video, but more than that, it gave them the taste of performing.

Vincent Price Is Right would go on to play over thirty shows all over New York City, experience some line up changes and record a four song demo in 2012. The band is at its strongest with Nick on drums, Frank on bass, Andy on Guitar with Dave and Sean sharing vocal responsibilities. VPIR took a brief hiatus from playing shows in spring 2013 to refocus and prepare for the recording of their debut EP, Hessian, which is dropping August 17th. The Idea is present, to write songs they love and perform them, it's all pretty simplistic. The discussions are still going on for these five guys who love music. which is probably the reason listeners have such a hard time describing VPIR's sound. To simply call it metal is too vague. For Vincent Price Is Right it is a culmination of five individuals who listen to everything from punk, to thrash to death to black metal, to post hardcore, whatever it is you will not be disappointed by the Hessian EP, or VPIR's frenetic live show. Vincent Price Is Right are not trying to reinvent the wheel, they just want to fuck it and write their name on it.

Beyond the Wall of Sleep



Sounds like Graffiti

CHIEF is a dynamic beatmaker, his music has been best described as filling the gap between classic beatmaking and forward thinking production. He's well known both for his solo work and for producing the cream of the cream of both confirmed and upcoming rappers/singers such as Moka Only, Blu, Co$$, John Robinson, Kissey Asplund, Aloe Blacc, Dynas, Les Nubians, Just Brea, Ghostape, Kenn Starr, Tajai or Abstract Rude to name but a few.

Chief released his acclaimed debut album "Collabo Collection" in 2009, which was very positively greeted by both medias and fans.
In 2011 he released the instrumental album "Drone Beats & Electric Waves, a collection of haunting and bewitching instrumentals crafted specifically for this project. The album showcases Chief's technical deftness while letting musicality take the front seat, and fills the gap between classic beatmaking and forward thinking production. Chief's production exhibits a rich pallet of moods and atmospheres.

Beatmaker, Producer.

Honor Among Thieves

Pirate Ship is back!

Saint Caine

Body Face

Dia (Dio tribute)


It's a lot like if you threw rocks made out of pointy guitars into a pane of glass made out of blood from the women and children of a war torn country run by Udo Dirkschnyder. Simply put... Reediculous guitars (Jeff St. Filmer, Andy Lewis), even more ridiculous drums (Jon Lane) and reediculous bass (Nick Cageao), and somehow still more ridiculous vocals (Joe Silver)...

The band is currently demoing tracks heavily, to sate the waiting masses, however temporarily, until a properly heavy record can be hewn. 2013 means higher profile shows, more songwriting, recording and more general insanity for the metal public.

Midnite Hellion


New York hardcore/punk from Queens.

Plutonian Ode

Original Space Funk Rock from Brooklyn. "What new element before us unborn in nature? Is there a new thing under the sun?"-A.Ginsberg(Plutonian Ode)

The Unattended

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