Boats Without Oars

Boats Without Oars

Formerly Aplysia, Boats Without Oars is a math rock band composed of only the based-est. The band is currently working on producing a full length LP full of tasty jams and post-avant jazzcore.
The band draws inspiration from classic '70s prog along with modern math and post-rock bands such as And So I Watch You From Afar or Toe. They have worked on fusing an untouchable sound with a variety of genres.

Eat The Sun

Eat The Sun is a band from the Denver/Boulder area of Colorado whose music explores a variety of genres, including math rock, jazz, ambient and metal, all the while maintaining a refreshingly progressive approach to everything about music from song structure to frequently used odd time signatures and poly rhythms. Their lineup includes Matt Sandoval (electric guitar/vocals), Dave Sandoval (electric guitar/vocals/percussion), Dan Beliveau (electric bass), and Max DeVincenzo on Drums.


Instrumental, Experimental, Math, Jazz, Loop, Rock. "Because Facial is directly affiliated with DIY venue Mouth House, you might expect it to be a punk-rock band. Instead, the trio makes experimental instrumental music on par with that of Hella (only without the jittery time-signature shifts) and Don Caballero (but even more playful). Alex Norell's drumming is richly varied, with micro-fills and accents around Ethan Evanchak's smooth and driving bass work, while Joe Hatfield's vivid guitar tone and masterfully detailed melodies could have come from a GIT grad who's disenchanted with conventional structure but doesn't want to lose his chops."
- Westword Backbeat

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