The 4onthefloor

They pull no punches. The 4onthefloor play rock music. The 4onthefloor play blues music. And they do it in 4/4 time.

With the release of their debut LP 4X4 and recent EP … And 4 Riders Approached At Dawn, The 4onthefloor have garnered such descriptions as "an unholy blend of Patterson Hood and Glenn Danzig" (says The Minneapolis Star Tribune of Gabriel Douglas' vocals) and "…the kind of music that you stomp to, that you listen to when you're a couple drinks in to let yourself feel a little bit better" (says Sean Moeller of Daytrotter).

On record, the band's trademark 4/4 time signature and four kick drum lineup seal together their delta-blues and classic rock appeal. On stage, singer Gabriel Douglas' grizzly baritone vocals are unmistakable; James Gould's sticky guitar riffs are infectious and the swagger of Chris Holm and Mark Larson's rhythm section is contagious. Inspired by The Doors, Muddy Waters, CCR, Howlin' Wolf, Tommy James & the Shondels and Waylon Jennings to name a few, all four members operate on the same hard-hitting, bourbon-infused wavelength while keeping perfect time.

Northern Magnolia

Northern Magnolia comes to you from the concrete canyons of Chicago, IL. The band formed like a happy accident, as brothers Dave and Tony Piscotti’s previous band was winding to a halt. Taking its helm, Rory Miller responded to the Piscotti’s call for an original and unique songwriter. Rory had just returned to her native Chicago after honing her music in Florida. Getting back to her roots, Rory recruited her first bass player and longtime friend, Jerry Rinard. The four fell into place like the pieces of a puzzle.

Rory belts out powerful, confident vocals over the driving rhythm of her percussive guitar. While Tony weaves melodic, tuneful, and twang-filled tapestries on his telecaster, Dave adds dynamic snap behind the kit. The quartet is rounded out by Jerry Rinard with his in-the-pocket bass groove and complimentary backing vocals. The group plays with spontaneous maturity as Rory keeps listeners wondering what turn her melodies will take next. Northern Magnolia’s growing audience is drawn to the band’s exploration of musical territory staked out by Whiskeytown, Neko Case, Patty Griffin, Buddy and Judy Miller, and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

Their debut album Dreams To Reckon With started out as one day in the recording studio with the goal of quickly tracking three demo songs completely live in March of 2011. That simple task subsequently morphed into a labor of love as they tracked and produced additional songs—cohesively rounding out the band's auspicious full-length offering. Dreams To Reckon With will be available for widespread release on 9/25/12, but you can get it first at the Abbey Pub on September 21st.

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