"Little Witch of Wichita"

"Little Witch of Wichita"

By Beth Martin Brown, Kevin Kaufman & Sandy Sherman
Produced by Special Arrangement with Heuer Publishing LLC of Ceder Rapids, Iowa.

A Bewitching Musical for all ages, including a Costume Contest!

The Unexpected Company Senior Theatre, located in Laramie, Wyoming, is open to persons 50 years old and older, providing opportunities for members to participate in theatrical and/or dramatic activities such as musicals, comedy, & skit presentations.
Company Overview
The Unexpected Company began it's journey in 2005. This group of "senior" men and women over the age of 50 still had talents to share and were enthusiastic about acting, singing, memorizing and stepping into new roles in their mature years.
General Information
Since 2005 the Company has organized and performed over ten successful, sold-out productions in the Laramie community. The group is a not-for-profit, only-for-fun entity that has donated over $35,000 to non-profit entities in Laramie, including the Laramie Plains Museum and the Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site.

$5 - $10

Tickets Available at the Door

Advance Tickets at these locations: Laramie Plains Museum Office First Interstate Bank Eppson Center for Seniors

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