Glen and the Sunshine Gang

Every year, hundreds of joke bands are formed. But it is truly rare that a band becomes this good at the joke. Formed in spring of 2005, for the sole reason of providing a friend with an out of the ordinary song for a movie, the boys of Glen and the Sunshine Gang soon came to the realization that this experience had more to offer them than a one-time project.

Being surrounded by many friends immersed in the sounds of the Orange County hardcore scene, Glen and the Sunshine Gang cleverly incorporated the aggressive style of that sound into their own particular brand of 80's influenced dance rock. Symphonic synthesizers, raunchy guitars, and in your face beats rooted in the art of hardcore breakdowns come together to create one thing: a high dose of Epic Hilarity!

Weeks after their formation, they debuted their four song live act to a crowd of over two hundred shoppers on the sidewalks of an outdoor mall. The mob was thirsty for more. Armed with a limited set, the band had no choice but to play the same set again, this time with many of the crowd members singing along. For a few years, they made countless friends and fans around the OC venue circuit until they relocated to Los Angeles in January of 2008 with an arsenal of new tracks and a show that would do no less than blow your mind. This move proved to be a wise decision packed with amazing opportunities such as gracing the stages of House of Blues, The Key Club, and the Malibu Inn and numerous placements in independent movies and web series'.

In the early days, Glen and the Sunshine Gang often had a staggering roster of 12 members on stage at once that included dancers, a percussion section, and a rapper. Since then, the group has rounded down to 6 spandex clad young men who project the power of an H-bomb, energy of a high school freshman, and the talent of an army of virtuosos.

"Why spandex" you ask? Because spandex are unrestrictive, uninhibited, and extremely revealing. Just like their music, their show, and their very lives.



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