Rainbow Gun Show

Rainbow Gun Show

Rainbow Gun Show is an interactive entertainment experience for humans involving music and art

Jan King and Medicine Ball

Jan King gets it done. Whether it’s flying in the face of a dismissive boyfriend or acquaintance who didn’t take seriously her determination to become the crackerjack guitar player she is – she put that same determination to work to become an expert auto mechanic inspired by the same kind of derisive dismissal – or to change the world by teaching guitar and attitude to children, many of them economically and otherwise challenged or disadvantaged, in and around the Chicago area. She has all kinds of students but, also a former board member for Girls Rock! Chicago, she takes a special pride in the ones with the biggest obstacles to overcome, particularly when one of those obstacles is being a female in the male-dominated world of guitar playing, an attitude that, with so much evidence to dispute it, would be ridiculously outdated even if was ever the least bit valid at all.

Wild Torching Spree

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