INPUT | Fade To Mind with KINGDOM, NGUZUNGUZU, Tink (LIVE), Total Freedom,  Prince Will and Been Trill


Los Angeles-based DJ / producer Kingdom rose to public acclaim with his debut single "Mind Reader" (released on Fool's Gold in early 2010), a collaboration with big-voiced NYC diva Shyvonne. But even before "Mind Reader," Kingdom had been deeply involved in Bok Bok & Lvis-1990′s London-based Night Slugs collective, having had his European debut at their second-ever club night. It was his mixtapes that first alerted Night Slugs' attention. His debut 2006 mixtape fused grime, crunk, US club, and house with his unique adaptations of R&B vocals. On his debut Night Slugs EP That Mystic, Kingdom delivered five tracks that reference many of the aforementioned genres, but also posses a completely individual, otherworldly gleam.

Daniel Pineda and Asma Maroof, a k a Nguzunguzu. The group, which takes its name from a traditional Solomon Island figurehead used to protect against supernatural forces during canoe trips, offers a unique blend of R&B, house, cumbia and tribal music. They are known for improvising with, well, really weird sounds achieved through electronic instruments and a room full of synthesizers, as well as for an energy that Hanratty says is "incredible."


At the age of 7 Trinity Home started singing in church. Never in a million years did she think a prayer that she prayed would land her where she is 11 years later. Tink is a phenomenal songwriter, singer and rapper. She has taken Chicago by storm. Every label from Interscope, Def Jam, Warner Brothers, RCA, and now Columbia has been in contact. Just recently graduating from High school, Tink is excited about what is to come. She has been in numerous articles overseas an in the United States. She is on radio stations and even satalite radio now. She just recently got booked for shows overseas in Europe in July. She is under management of Lyrical Eyes Management which is a big management company, which houses other clients like A Zae Production, Ashlee Bankz, Dj Reese, Matti baybee, Rio Production and Dj Trell. She is already around greatness and just brings a breath of fresh air to anything that she touches. She is on Live Mixtapes for all 3 of her latest projects which did awesome. She is now coming out with her fourth project which will be on Itunes this time . It is a complete Rnb EP. Her next rap mix tape is coming shortly after in July. She has been labeled the next Lauren Hill but just edgier and harder. Tinks fans stem from everywhere in the world at this point. Different countries as far as Africa have been in contact. She is represented by Swank Pr for media who is located in Chicago and New York. You can catch her on the Redbull / Fakeshoredrive show that is on May 30th, where several labels have talked about flying in to see her and Dj Reese do their thing together. Tink is also noticed for her weird fashion as well. Look for more to come from her and enjoy... Imagine where she will be when she is 20...

Total Freedom

Been Trill

Been Trill is a collective of artists featuring Matthew Williams, Virgil Abloh, Heron Preston, Justin Saunders, and YWP. They are artists, art directors, visual curators and designers first and DJs second

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