The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die

We are an atmospheric emo / indie rock band from Willimantic, CT. Greg is supposed to get hot dogs but he never does.

Chronological Discography:
"Demo 2010"
"Formlessness" EP
"Josh Is Dead" EP
"Are Here to Help You" Split LP (with Deer Leap)
"Gig Life" single


Daylight was formed in the late winter of 2007,there they began writing their first songs which would end up on their Demo and later on an EP called Sinking, released on Get This Right Records in August of 2009. From there the band began touring throughout the east coast and mid west. Later that year, the band ventured overseas to tour in Australia. After their return they began recording their 2nd EP entitled Dispirit, released in July of 2010 on Six Feet Under Records. 2010 was the bands first full US tour, they toured out west to play the Sound & Fury Festival, and headed back east playing shows with Transit along the way. After they returned home from the tour they began writing again for a new release. In 2011, the band took their first trip to Europe to tour with Basement and Hostage Calm. With no intention of slowing down, the band had various tours with Bone Without Bones, Daytrader, Seahaven and Basement throughout the rest of that year. In early 2012, they released a new EP entitled The Difference In Good and Bad Dreams released on Run For Cover Records. At this time, the band had a lineup change and acquired a new drummer. 2012 would be the year the band would write their first full length LP. From there, the band took to a heavier touring schedule, including various US and European tours with such acts as More Than Life, The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Dead End Path, Soul Search and Basement. When they weren't touring they were spending time writing the rest of their record. Daylight consists of Taylor Madison and Jake Clarke on guitars and vocals, Joe Kane on bass, and Zack Robbins on drums. The band is set to debut their first full length LP entitled Jar on Run For Cover Records in the spring of 2013.


Throughout the history of time bands have formed and broken up. [PLACEHOLDER] looks to history and learns from these mistakes instead regenerating and reformulating into a leaner ass kicking machine time and again.

Formed and fronted by songwriter Myque Peters, [PLACEHOLDER] has morphed from a bedroom recording project in Boston, MA through its first full band incarnation in Tempe, AZ to its current line-up based in Chicago, IL.

Currently comprised of Greg Baker on bass and Brian Doherty on drums this trio is heavy on hooks in 3 minute (or less!) bursts of highly efficient rock. Keep an eye out for [PLACEHOLDER] in 2012 with their infectious crowd favorite F-Bomb and a set loaded with songs about girls, swearing and dressing well.



This show will take place in The Lizard Lounge.

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