Afrolicious Party

Rojai & E. Live + [dunkelbunt]

Where funk meets soul and love meets grit, the powerful vocal stylings of Jairo Vargas, aka Rojai (row-juh), merge elements to produce a raw soulful sound as distinct and unique as the San Francisco streets that bred him. As the leader & vocalist for the widely recognized and highly acclaimed San Francisco band Bayonics, Rojai’s first solo project is a departure offering us a spotlight to watch the now seasoned artist do what he does best – channel a sixth sense that only he holds to move crowds with consistent passion, energy & emotion.
Teaming with producer & multi-instrumentalist Eli “E.Live” Hurwitz, the collaboration puts forth melodies, lyrics and compositions that carry inherent respect for the funk and soul greats that inspire their craft. It is with great anticipation and supreme joy that we announce the release of Rojai’s first solo project, HARD PRESSED.

[dunkelbunt] is a traveller on behalf of the music, his mission is the search for an harmoniuos whole. Therefore he travels the planet, armed with open eyes and ears and a microphone, to collect sounds, colours, smells and all kinds of sensual impressions. Although his musical essence is based upon the south-eastern corners of Europe, sounds from all around the world are to be enjoyed: from Vienna to the Balkans, through Anatolia and the Middle East, to India, North Africa, all the way to South America, to Jamaica and then straight to the swinging twenties.

Resident DJs Pleasuremaker & Señor Oz + live Afrolicious percussionists

Afrolicious has established itself as both one of the most legendary weekly parties in San Francisco, and of the top live/electronic bands on the scene. Started as a weekly dance party featuring DJ's and brothers Pleasuremaker and Señor Oz alongside percussionists, MC's and horn players, and an amazing crowd from day one. Over the years it has evolved as founding DJ/Producer Pleausremaker (Joe McGuire) alongside brother Señor Oz (Oz McGuire) hooked up with some of the most exciting personalities in the Bay Area music scene and started writing original music under the alias Afrolicious. Around 2010 the live Pleasuremaker band started including some of this new 'Afrolicious' material and added more of the percussionists and vocalists from the weekly party to form what is now the Afrolicious band. Between their weekly party and sound system shows that involve the brothers DJing alongside live percussion, they also have a 8-12 piece live band that emphasizes the organic elements, instrumentation, and energy of a live ensemble combined with club heavy beats and textures the weekly party has come to be known for.

$8.00 - $10.00


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