For The Record

For The Record

We are For The Record from Billerica, MA. We are 5 best friends doing what we love.

Hope Lies Within

Hope lies within is a collaboration of 5 close friends doing what they love most. Each with very similar outlooks, goals, and ideas of what really defines music. They hope to bring joy to the listeners ears by simply making music that wanders from the norm and catches your attention by demonstrating raw emotion and a strong core musicianship all at once. In a nut shell, hope lies within is a melodic Rock/ Hard Rock band that blends elements of progressive rock and classical voice to keep the sound original but also sound very natural. The number one goal for hope lies within is to do what they love and have fun while doing it.

Shadow Therapy

After Genuflect broke up, we decided to get together and write some tunes that grooved and moved your ass. After a long process of auditioning singers, we somehow came across an old buddy by the name of Greg Sullivan. Now with a complete lineup, we're ready to take the tunes to the masses. Our debut album entitled, "Shadow Therapy" was released 12/4/12 and is available on CD and MP3 format. Our plan is to rock as many stages as we can and share our music with you wonderful people. If it was not for the outlet of art through music we would all be lost. Shadow therapy involves taking a look at one's self image. A person who is a candidate for shadow therapy (most people) often has a distorted sense of self; they have many negative qualities yet are not consciously aware of them/are ashamed of them/ have repressed them. Shadow therapy will teach this person to integrate this part of their mind into their entire being. This means that the person no longer must spend subconscious energy to try and deny who they are. They learn to own up to their shadow, embrace it, and carry on through life with a more complete self image. This type of therapy is necessary for many people. A person who undergoes shadow therapy and works hard will become more confident, calmer, and most likely, much wiser.



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