EL CID FLAMENCO dinner theater presents: Benjamin Woods, Arleen Urtado and Jesus Montoya

Benjamin Woods

Ben Woods is one of the most sought after Flamenco guitarists in the US today. Although his albums and musical collaborations are too numerous to mention, he always strives to work with the best artists in Flamenco to achieve the most moving performances. Jesus Montoya (A Gypsy Flamenco Singer and Composer from Seville, Spain) with stunning and beautiful Flamenco dancers to complete the scene for an intense and authentic Flamenco show done with art and taste.

$13.50 - $15.00


Ben Woods is a international recording artist, having recently licensed two original Flamenco guitar albums to Costco in the US and Canada. When not performing with Arleen or playing solo, he has single-handedly developed a new music genre: Flamenco and Metal, which he masterminds with his bands Flametal and Heavy Mellow, known the world over for their originality and excellence in guitar artistry. Benjamin is proudly endorsed by Godin Guitars, Cordoba Acoustic Guitars, and Daniel Mari Strings. *Please call 323.668.0318 to make a table reservation.*

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