The Pistoleros

The Pistoleros

Comprised of Mark and Lawrence Zubia, Gary Smith, Thomas Laufenberg, and Scott Andrews. The Pistoleros recently released "Pistoleros", their follow-up to "Hang onto Nothing". As highly visible members of the community, The Pistoleros have appeared at the Chandler Ostrich Festival and the Tempe Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Block Party. Mainstays on Mill Avenue, they also appeared as the featured house band of the 1999 Arizona State Fair. For the millenium, they appeared with The Peacemakers, the Gas Giants, and others at the Phoenix Celebration 2000...


Tramps and Thieves are a new classic rock band who write their own songs. Following the lead of bands like the Rolling Stones, the Band and CCR, they are a worldwide phenomenon and everyone loves them.

Banana Gun

Banana Gun's wants to reach the largest audience possible. They are available for tours, festivals, and regional shows. Banana Gun is a hardworking, enthusiastic group, that performs with great energy. Regardless of the crowd or venue, people will dance to Banana Gun.

"Banana Gun's live show is enriching and rewarding. Their gigs are pretty amazing and what's more, the members of Banana Gun seem to have an amazing time doing what they do best, which is getting people dancing to their eclectic musical stylings." - Mitchell L Hillman Journalist for Java Magazine, July 2012

Banana Gun has a diverse sound ranging from 70's rock, Bluegrass, funk, and R&B, which reaches a broad audience that loves to dance and sing along with the music.

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