Influenced by alternative rock and singer/songwriters, Dinsdale creates a simple formula - guitar rock with hooks! What else do you need? The band does not seek to tell some great, dark story with the music but rather to create music that is unique, upbeat, and typically doesn't conform to one particular genre or style.
Dinsdale swings the pendulum from pop music hooks to a little bit of country ballad to metal edge mixed into the same, complex delivery. The ladies (and some men) will sway left and right to the alternative, poppy guitar rock sound.

The YellowBricks

Horse Whippin' Rock & Roll.

The Yellowbricks, Kansas City's original Horsewhippin' rock n' roll band, formed during the winter months of 2010 when founding members Justin Kane and Jacob Temeyer came together to begin their songwriting partnership after Justin suggested the idea of starting a REAL rock n' roll band to Jacob. Jacob, frustrated with the lack of proper rock n' roll in the current musical climate, enthusiastically obliged. Thus, the Yellowbricks were born

$5.00 - $7.00


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