Conway is a singer, writer and a sayer of things that are on her mind and stuck in her side. She wants to tell you what she sees and how she sees it. She hopes you talk back.

Born in south St. Louis, born again in Brooklyn and currently coming into her own in LA, Conway offers a solo debut reflective of a journey that has been a trip!! "I take it to the heart. I take it to the head." She's all in.

Meet Prince Ali, a young talented musician who is here to bring a new innovative style to the world of Rhythm&Blues. With his unique eclectic manner and impressive vocals, Prince Ali will do just that! Hailing from South Central Los Angeles, and studying at UCLA, Prince Ali has been performing for quite some time. Since his early teens, Ali has been working hard to make his mark in this industry. A singer and song writer, Ali’s music appeals to all audiences, with content deriving from real life experiences both amazing and unfortunate. Growing up Ali also played the piano and was highly influenced by Jazz and the sound of soft chords. Those influences can be seen in his latest singles, Black Girl Reign and JUNO. Writing his first song, Imagine, when he was just a sophomore in high school he began to draw a lot of attention and eventually his unique sound and captivating stage presence caught the Eye of Emagen Entertainment Group. Ali is now working on his Ep which is expected to be released this fall.


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