Hannalee, Bradford Loomis


A shooting star held the moon’s shadow in an erotic and passionate embrace and little baby Hannalee was born. Cradled by the Celestial Stork, she descended through the rainy drear of the Seattle sky and landed squarely in the intersection of NW Market & Ballard Avenue. She immediately began to sing . . .
“Traaa la laaa la lah, traaa la laaa la lay”

Blending the sounds of traditional folk music with elements of dark, neverland whimsy, Hannalee creates a unique music strange and familiar at once. Fidelia Rowe, Michael Harley & Anna-Lisa Notter sing in warm three-part harmony that wraps the ear like its favorite childhood blanket and sends it off to bed to dream enchanted dreams.

Bradford Loomis

One hundred and fifty years ago, Brad Loomis would have been riding rail cars out west or sailing down the Mississippi on a paddle boat. Or maybe he would have claimed his stake in the flatlands of the Midwest. Perhaps he would have plied his hand on a ranch in Texas. One thing is for sure, he would have stories to tell.

As fate would have it, Brad was born in Seattle Wa. Through years of choir, band and orchestra he discovered a powerful kinship to the songs and stories of a bygone era. Because of this, he has now found a way to tell his story. Brad marries grit and melody to dig to the roots of American folklore and speak of the raw reality of the human condition with soul, passion, and hope. Brad’s stories span a lifetime of relatable emotions, be it the bitterness of loss, the deep longing of regret, the enduring hope of love, or the elation of joy.

After touring with Tyler Hilton this summer, Bradford is currently working on a new studio album, a full length record slated to be released in December.

Cloud Person

Cloud Person was once a name that Pete Jordan used for solo recordings.

In 2012 he released some of these songs as an EP ('Anchors In the Sun'). Along with 2 of the musicians that played on the EP Pete formed a dynamic acoustic trio and started playing around Seattle. In the last 6 months Cloud Person has added more members, morphing from a the trio into a six-person folk/rock band tinged with influences from spaghetti western, gospel, and psychedelia.

They will be introducing their new album, 'Monochrome Places', at this double release show. Much like their live show this album swings from dark melancholic ballads to furious thundering anthems and dabbles in the realms in between.


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