Stephen Horst, Emily Long, Drew Martin

Stephen Horst

Stephen Alexander Horst, a.k.a. HORST, hails from the small town of Arvada, Colorado! A Leo, the youngest of 3 he was always attracted to the spotlight. A breath holder from birth his parents thought he would be a swimmer, but singing was his true passion. Habitually listening to his Dad's Elvis Presley records and his Mom often playing classical piano in the living room (Chopin Polonaise in Ab Major, one of his favorites), music was in his blood. Singing since the age of 3, piano lessons as a kid, and a passion for stories lead Stephen to songwriting. The most rewarding craft combining all his innate talents. Without fail, always an ear for Pop, Rhythm and Blues, and Jazz, Stephen has started finding his own voice. Heavily influenced and inspired by artists such as Bill Withers, Michael Jackson, Robin Thicke, Sam Cooke, Ray LaMontagne, Kevin Hammond, Martin Sexton, Amos Lee, Maroon 5 the list goes on and on-- Stephen's true passion is to use his voice to share stories, connect with fans, and move the emotions--reminding us all that life is precious and short, but on the flip side- we can't take anything too seriously.

Emily Long

Emily Long is a singer/songwriter from Lancaster, PA. Her powerful vocals are reminiscent of Stevie Nicks, while her dynamic melodies and sincere lyrics have been compared to those of artists like Brandi Carlile and Sara Bareilles. Emily's first release, Extended Play, boasts a sophisticated blend of indie pop and alternative folk that is all her own. Her track "Mama Told Me" was recently announced as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.


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