Nicos Gun, Monogold, Heavenly Beat, Vensaire ("Perdix" Album Release Party)

2011 brought the debut of NICOS GUN with Full Length album "PLUSH", many music videos, and constant shows and touring playing venues/festivals such as Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Deluna Festival, 4th of July in Philly Parkway (with the Roots, Earth Wind and Fire..), The Roots Picnic, Camp Bisco, Gathering of the Vibes, and many more sharing bills with such names as : Weezer, Janes Addiction, Cut Copy, Diplo, Ariel Pink, Free Energy, Morning Teleportation, Yeasayer, Ratatat, DFA 1979, Holy Ghost!, Wiz Khalifa, Big Boi, Rusko, and many more. Now in 2012 NICOS GUN continues touring and splitting time recording between Los Angeles and Philadelphia working on our 2nd full length album.

"If you could distill the feverish intensity of an all-night rager and alchemize it into a musical form, then you'd get a sense of what to expect from Philly-based foursome Nicos Gun...Fusing punk rock energy with a genre-jumping eclectic mix of psych-pop, funk and glam rock, Nicos Gun wants their fans to have fun enjoying their sound." - Relix

"If #sxsw is where the world meets the future, then we'd like to introduce the future to Nicos Gun." - Spinner

"With oodles of talent, an incredible live show and a super-sized love for Prince many things rhythmic, Nicos Gun brings together elements of New Wave with electronic dance music. File under: not afraid to entertain." - Paste Magazine

"Nicos Gun mine the musical territory of electronic dance rock. Though the sound of the band recalls elements of the past, they are a band of the moment. The full-force funk of songs like "Dirty Girl," and "Soldier" bring to mind the R&B music of Prince, with its funky rhythmic bottom and slinky, chicken-scratch guitar riffs. On songs like "Control," the sinewy synthesizer lines drive the beat bring to mind the lock-step electronic grooves of LCD Soundsystem." - WXPN

"Nicos Gun got the crowd energized with their own bounce and raucousness. More streamlined then their tour mates, the Philadelphia based band seesawed between electro-tinged dance floor anthems and Velvet-Underground inspired hazy rockers.... The polish of the dance numbers were dirtied up with a surprisingly non plagiarized rock attitude and the guitar freak outs of lead singer/guitarist Barney Cortez......"
- Brooklyn Vegan (Review from Brooklyn Bowl)

Monogold is a three piece hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Their DIY approach has enabled them to record, produce, and self release their own unique sound from their personal studio. Their 2009 EP, “We Animals,” and their first full-length album, 2011′s “The Softest Glow,” continue to receive rave reviews from blogs and magazines throughout the US and abroad.

The name Monogold is inspired by Yves Klein, an artist from the ‘50s and ‘60s, who detested his main client base, the French bourgeois. Klein offered to melt down their gold jewelry to tempera and make a painting with it for them. Instead he stole their gold and returned to them paintings made of gold leaf, under the guise of performance art. These paintings were called Monogolds.

That being said, there is no deception in Monogold’s music.

In November 2011 the band performed at the press release for Google Music in Los Angeles, performing with such artists as Busta Rhymes, Maroon 5, and Drake. They also went to Cannes in 2012 to play along side Friendly Fires and Crystal Castles on the Pantiero Festival. At home in New York, they have played with Bear Hands, Kyp Malone (TV On the Radio), Hot Hot Heat, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Hooray For Earth, YACHT, and in late 2012 joined CHAPPO on a successful Midwest tour. No matter the venue, Monogold wins over crowds at every show they play.

Although they have been compared to other contemporary artists, Monogold’s wide spectrum of musical tastes, ranging from 50′s do-wop, to indie new wave, to avant-garde, to folk and shoegaze, as well as countless shows and tours has given them a distinct and unmistakable sound of their own. Monogold’s new full length album, due out in late spring 2013, will make that fact undeniably clear.

“PROMINENCE” is the 2nd full length in as many years from Texas transplant John Pena. It was recorded/mixed in the same apartment(after a failed attempt to mix in a “real” studio) as last years TALENT over the first few months of 2013 after shelving a full length’s worth of songs for not being sonically or emotionally interesting enough. Using Primitive Radio God’s “Standing Outside A Broken Telephone Booth With Money In My Hand” as a sonic touch point John built a new album from the ground up utilizing chopped/sampled drum breaks and, for the first time, some non laptop based keyed instruments(piano, mellotron) along with H.B. main stays classical guitar and steel drums. Live member Christian Barsi and Daniel Schlett of Strange Weather Studio both contributed keys to a few songs but the outcome is still a very solo sounding project. Arrangements is where PROMINENCE shines. Managing to sound inventive and not quite like anything else with such a limited palette is a rare and commendable feat. From the slide guitar and pulsing nylon string samples of “Honest” to the flamingo call and deep kick combo of the 2nd half of “Complete” Heavenly Beat keeps the whole affair sounding fresh, interesting and natural. Lyrically, PROMINENCE is not an escapist affair. It’s a very direct look into someone dealing with poor body image(Thin), infidelity(Honest) and emotional/physical/sexual recklessness(Prominence). It’s not asking or answering any questions. Just existing within itself, fully a where of it’s shortcomings.

Vensaire ("Perdix" Album Release Party)

The seeds of Vensaire were first planted in Osaka, Japan in 2007 when Alex LaLiberte (vocals, sampler, guitar) met Robert Earl Thomas (guitar, vocals) at the Shitenno-ji
Shrine. However, the band did not take shape until the fall of 2011 when longtime friend Hunter Hawes (bass, synth) left Berklee College of Music to work with the duo, now stationed in New York City's Chinatown. They soon stumbled upon Alex Jacobs (drums, vocals) playing an 808 in a city park and it took only one conversation before he was solidified as the group's fourth member.

After working through the winter of 2011 to perfect their songs and performance, Vensaire was unveiled to the world at Brooklyn's Maujer Mansion. The success of this first show propelled the band to begin work on its first record, "Perdix," however a year of setbacks concluded the project was too ambitious for the four to adequately record themselves. Progress completely halted in the spring of 2012 when Vensaire was asked to play SXSW. Thomas was unable to attend the show though and the tour to Austin almost fell through when fate reared her head: While walking meditatively through the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens the band faintly overheard "Flying Partridge," a traditional Chinese ballad, carried beautifully on the violin. Elated, the boys discovered Renata Zeiguer (violin, vocals) playing beneath a Japanese maple tree. Zeiguer was drafted to fill in for Thomas on the trip to Austin, substituting one set of strings for another. The trip proved successful and Zeiguer became Vensaire's fifth and final member, adding depth and emotion to the band's aspiring arrangements.

Now fully realized, Vensaire returned to the recording process, this time on a smaller scale. Each member wrote one song and presented it to the band to interpret. What resulted was 2012's "The Vensaire EP," a concise and memorable introduction to Vensaire's world. On the strength of this EP the band enticed Scott Colburn (Prince Rama, Animal Collective, Arcade Fire) to record and mix the album which had frustrated and eluded them thus far. Laboring dutifully for two weeks in the summer of 2012, Vensaire and Colburn finally brought "Perdix" to vivid life. Anticipated for a summer 2013 release, this cinematic concept record will take listeners not only deeper into the Vensaire universe, but across four continents to the heart of creation itself.

See I'm You from Vensaire on Vimeo.

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