Brooklyn-based SAVOY's rock edged, yet club-geared releases, along with their notoriously high energy live shows have spawned a hybrid dance culture of its own. In just under a year and a half, the live electro-house trio has made a name for itself by effectively bridging the gap between the concert venue rocker and the club-bangin' partier - and the result is a rapidly emerging new market that can't seem to get enough. In such a short period of time, SAVOY has truly established themselves as not only talented producers but as innovators of live electronic music.


Fusing multiple genres including hip-hop, funk, and downtempo electronic, LoBounce has shaped a brand new style of electronic bass music. He calls his creation, "Drippy Bass." His powerful combinations of rolling sub bass and complex melodic elements have taken the underground dance music scene by storm. LoBounce brings a fresh perspective to the world of instrumental dance music, bridging the gap between numerous styles and tempo ranges. "Its all about breaking down the walls, unifying as a musical community, and blasting out brand new ideas together," says the young bass pioneer and Chicago native. Expect to see a constant stream of new genre defying music from this forward thinking producer.

DJ Dr1ft is a very skilled and experienced DJ, working at many of the hottest nightclubs in Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia, including The Roxxy, O.N.E., 32 Degrees (Philly), Trump Plaza Beach Bar, Pearl, Harrah's Pool, and Blue Martini, to name a few.

DJ Diesel calls Lancaster, Pennsylvania, home. From first initial contact, through planning, execution of the event and closing the event, he is next to you every single step of the way. He is able to fulfill all your DJ'ing needs, and is fully equipped to provide musical entertainment for you and all of your guests. Diesel is able to provide professional, high quality audio and lighting, and any other items that you may need for your event. Diesel has an ever growing resume' consisting of birthday parties, weddings, cruise nights, house parties, weekend club events, private gigs and special events. His rates are highly competitive, and is able to negotiate every aspect of cost, to fit with what you may need. Diesels' music library is 100% digital based, and always updated with the latest musical hits ranging from Hip-Hop, Top-40, Dance, Country, Techno, House, Dubstep and more! He has carefully curated music from across all the above stated genres, and is absolutely able to fulfill all your musical wishes. DJ Diesel is also proud to state that he has a gigantic library of radio-edited, clean re-mixed songs for your school, business or corporate event. He brings a program to your venue, that is very high energy, friendly and highly interactive! In 2008, DJ Diesel became the house DJ of Molly's Pub in Lancaster, to which he performs every Friday and Saturday night. Today DJ Diesel is playing weekly shows at local pubs and bars, as well as tri-state events, weddings, parties and gatherings.

$12.00 - $15.00


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