Damien Lamar

Damien Lamar is an American singer-songwriter, technologist, sound designer and producer. To local audiences, he is known for his passionate live performances and honest yet sensitive lyrics. Refining the art of home studio recording, Damien incorporates diverse influences, including jazz, gospel, down-tempo, R&B, rock, and ambient sounds.

Introduced to music at an early age, Damien began performing at the tender age of 4 at his church and then moved on to rhetorical speaking at conventions and family reunions. He has spent the majority of his life singing! While going through the awkward teen years that brought about ever-changing vocal chords, he focused his musical studies as a tenor saxophone player in both jazz and symphonic bands. Although he became especially proficient in jazz, he later realized that his true gift was not an instrument of brass but something that he had had all along . . . a powerful voice!

Shortly after graduating high school, he simultaneously spent a few years writing songs and perfecting his craft while pursuing college studies. Lamar decided that he wanted to begin his recording career and “One Day Soon”, a gospel undertaking was created; an album which remains unreleased to date. Post college, while embarking upon a banking career, he began a collaborative effort with another banker-by-day, musician-by-night friend, Tommy Bridgewater. During many sessions at Digimax Studio on the North side of Jacksonville, a symbiotic friendship was formed that has stood the test of time and has grown along with the evolution of their respective, as well as combined music.

Lamar’s financial expertise filtered into his musical consciousness and he saw the wisdom of becoming a music publisher. In the spring of 2000 he created and registered his own publishing company, Motipure Music Publishing with ASCAP. Lamar planned a showcase expressing his deep gospel roots at Cypress Recording Studios. He envisioned a vehicle that would show just how much talent Jacksonville, Florida had to offer, by inviting other local artists to participate. Tommy Bridgewater took on the arduous duties of musical director. Complications occurred just weeks before the big showcase jeopardizing the entire project. With only 4 rehearsal days remaining, Howard Green stepped in with his whimsical skill and talent. His ability to blend in seamlessly, proved his brilliance. At that moment Lamar and Bridgewater knew that Green was the keyboardist they needed to realize their musical dreams.

In 1995, Damien founded his own publishing organization, Motipure Music & Media, which lead to the beginning of a recording career as a performing artist. Since then, he has had the privilege of sharing the stage with some very talented musicians and bands from Leon Timbo, EvenStill, Kameron Corvet, Heavenly Noise, saxophonist Tracy Morris, the Shawn Lightfoot Brigade, OKTBRWRLD, Akia Uwanda and Joy Dennis to name a few.

Damien Lamar has produced two albums: Convinced EP, several mixtapes and 2 official singles, of which are available in online music stores.



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