The Double Dip feat. Dara

On arriving in the US from Ireland in 1994, Dara quickly established himself as one of the top DJs on the US scene. Now every weekend finds him spinning in different cities across the country. Since his first record release in 1995, Dara has produced a string of highly successful singles and remixes as well as his 1997 full-length debut "Halfway Home (sm-e communications) has been a huge critical and commercial success.

As a result from both his successful DJing and recording endeavors, Dara has become one of the most recognizable faces on the US drum 'n' bass scene. He has been featured in countless magazine appearances and interviews both in the US and worldwide. He can be found making his annual appearance at the legendary Notting Hill Carnival along with raves and clubs all across the US. For some time Dara was also the host of a weekly web-TV show Velocity on which he has interviewed some of the leading names in drum 'n' bass, including Jonny L, Kemistry and Storm, Trace, Ed Rush and Optical, Hype, Andy C, Zinc, SS and many others.

Dara is currently working on single releases for his own imprint, Breakbeat Science Recordings, including the upcoming BBSCI003 release "Possession / Duplicity (Klute Rmx)" which is being caned on plate at the moment. In 2000, Dara completed "From Here To There", a new mixed CD on Moonshine that features some amazing tracks. These include Dara's own "Duplicity" (Klute Remix), as well as set opener "Crazy" by L Double & Serena, DJ Hype's "The Big 3-Oh," two tracks from John B ("Prowler" and "Progress"), Kenny Ken's "Project One" and numerous other top tracks.

Soon, Dara will join forces once again with AK1200 and Dieselboy for their second annual Planet of the Drums Tour. Planet of the Drums was born out of frustration due to lack of exposure and professionalism for Drum 'n' Bass in the States and with Dara, AK and Dieselboy each other's main competition, it made perfect sense to band together and hit the road.

Along with touring nation wide, Dara has been recording some original tracks and putting them out on his Breakbeat Science and Orgone Recordings imprints. Breakbeat Science is not only his label, but it is also the first and biggest drum 'n' bass store, co-founded by Dara. Dara has done an array of remixes including on singles from DJ's such as Keoki, Pizzicato Five, Dog Eat Dog, Black Nostaljack and Afrika Bambaata.

With the recent eruption of Drum and Bass in the U.S., DJ Dara isn't going anywhere. There is no telling what kind of damage his next endeavors might do.

"Possession" and "Duplicity" (remixed by Certificate 18 man Klute) form the third release for the Breakbeat Science imprint. "Possession" is a tight rolling two-stepper with icy chords and infectious progressive synth loops. The Klute remix of "Duplicity" is cold abstract drum and bass science at its finest. Dara proves once again that (even without his dreads, which were sadly lost to the barber in early '00) he is the man to watch in the U.S. drum and bass scene.
Luke Magnuson

He's been producing for 7 years now, is a hardware junkie, and works specifically on an electribe sx an electribe mx and a djm 400. Glitches consume him. Check out his youtube videos to get a feel for how he produces and jumps around like an idiot.

goldenSpiral [of The City Music Project]

[reference:] the ‘golden_Spiral’ > a universal code woven deep
into the fabric of our reality / the ultimate mathematical order /
a formula for chaos found hidden in plain sight.
>> In a similar fashion ~ within the chaos ~ we find :
adrianPalashevsky (AKA goldenSpiral) : < age27 / M / 155lbs / 6ft >
[occupation:] Electr(on)ic Music Production + Performance
< style:_dub_hop_glitch_funk_electro_world_dance_step_other. >
[location:] philadelphiaPA > unitedStates >> Earth
[description:] a life form of mostly carbon + water
fused together by energy waves snapped to a BPM >>
controlled on the fly and switchedUp on command.
[recent_activity:] headed of Sonic Warfare division at :
The City Music Project < guerilla_live/Electr(on)ic_collective >
[also:] coordinating Studio Research + Live Development for :
>> ( Kuf Knotz / Psy-Fi Productions / EMC Karma )
[solo_operation:] launching full frontal soundStorming campaign
employing liveConstruction > DJ_Tactics + (2012) soloEP_Release
[conclusion:] gS*s beatLaunching + soundWave manipulation
techniques generate massive energy levels capable of uncanny force.
[threat_report:] **HIGH** << destroy_on_sight. >>

Agent Zero

Double D

After playing bass in several Jam Bands, Philly's own Jedd Buller decided it was time for a new path. This new path lead to a psychedelic orchestration of synthesizer looping. Now undergoing the moniker Double D, his Live PA set has created a psychedelic, electronic outlet to expand his musical freedom.

Since the conception of Double D in 2009, he has opened for acts such as Papadosio, Sonic Spank, Boombox, Wobble Sauce, Altered Ego Collective, Speakerbot, Swift Technique, Bam!, Hamburger Hunt, Stushido, Lo Life, and Damn Right! Double D has also been known to perform with The Synth Sircus, and had sit-ins with members of various bands on the scene.

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