The Dead Ships and Wake Up Lucid record release party, Tapioca and The Flea, Tulips, DJ Val Fleury of Immigre

The Dead Ships

First as a duo and now as a three-piece, the Dead Ships have been busting eardrums and busting up the blues for more than two years now. Their debut album of garage-rock, “Electric Ahab,” sounded like a mission statement — press the accelerator all the way to the floor and don’t let up — and since then singer-guitarist Devlin McCluskey, drummer Christopher Spindelilus and bassist Alex Moore have covered Levon Helm and played so many live gigs they’re almost part of Eastside clubs’ furniture. Their new single “Golden Room” is a faint nod to the Echo Park saloon the Gold Room. “I wish I could write a song about the issues facing a gentrifying neighborhood,” McCluskey tells PureVolume, where the song premiered, “but they just provide window dressing for our faux-bohemian debauchery and that’s essentially what ‘Golden Room’ is trying to evoke.” The song will appear on a split 7-inch (with Wake Up Lucid’s “Let It Roll”) as part of the series Near Mess Records is doing. - Kevin Bronson, Buzzbands.LA

Wake Up Lucid

There’s visceral and then there’s Wake Up Lucid. The L.A.-based trio of cousins — Ryan, Ian and Jamie Baca — have been making not-so-nice for about five years now, with two EPs and the 2012 full-length “Feel It” outlining their agenda to make heavy blues so dangerous it should be on a do-not-fly list. Live, they play with the lights down low but everything else turned up, leaving bleeding ears to sort out the beauty in their muck and mire. And there is beauty, especially on Wake Up Lucid’s forthcoming EP “Gone With the Night.” More than their previous work, their 30 minutes(!) of new music reveals a broader dynamic, crystallized on the writerly, acoustic-electric title track. The galloping “White Collar Love” is a concise, blue-collar single; the previously teased “I Want” tests high for toxicity; and then there is “Get F*cked,” a 9-minute stew that simmers and then boils over in apoplexy. No surprise that Wake Up Lucid does their studio work with another purveyor of uncompromising heavy music, Joe Cardamone of the Icarus Line. There, “Get F*cked” is a high compliment. -

“If their demos are any indication of what’s in store, we’re expecting
raunchy rock at it’s best.”

“Growling rock n’ roll…”

“Clearly all this band does is feel, and that is exactly what the audience
will do when listening to this album”

“Cousins Ryan, Ian, and Jamie Baca play with the bleary-eyed intensity of
a late 60’s biker-band combo, recalling both the blues rock of the early
Stones and the proto-punk of the Stooges.”

For those still reeling from the White Stripes’ split, Wake Up Lucid is
here to help ease the pain with savage guitar riffs and thunderous drums
coated in garage grit. “I want to howl like the wind tonight,” Baca sings
on “You & I,” and for five too-short songs, his weathered vocals do just

“…it’s exactly the kinda thing your folks might’ve been listening to at
the moment of your conception.”

Tapioca and The Flea

Los Angeles band, Tapioca and the Flea bring a refreshing combination of video game synths, psychedelic guitars, pulsating bass lines, and heavy rhythms that'll make you want to dance until your legs fall off. Currently finishing up their EP with producer Lars Stalfors (Cold War Kids, Mars Volta, Surfer Blood), expect to hear their first single early 2013.


Three-piece female fronted DIY post-pünk riotgaze from Los Angeles

Angie & Taleen’s friendship blossomed as they sent each other mixtapes between L.A. and Chicago. When Taleen moved home the two started jamming as TÜLIPS, blending her love of goth/shoegaze and Angie’s pop-riot sensibilities to create their own genre: RIOTGAZE. In 2012 the two front-women found Travis, and the 3-piece was born.

TÜLIPS have gained a loyal following in their L.A. hometown playingvenues such as the Bootleg Theater, Lot 1, The Satellite, Los Globos, Bar Lubitsch, Silverlake Lounge, Five Star Bar, The L.A. Fort, The Airliner, Echo Country Outpost, The Mezz and more. They’re the resident band of DUM DUM Zine and enjoyed their radio debut on L.A.’s KXLU Feb. 4th, 2013. TÜLIPS have played several festivals including SXSW and cARTel’s BROKECHELLA, opening for Manhattan Murder Mystery. Look out for TÜLIPS debut LP, "Doom & Bloom" in 2014.

"The pair trade off on vocals, each bringing their own fury to the proceedings. Nothing flowery about this." - Kevin Bronson, BUZZBANDS.LA

"A Californian’s take on 90s Brit garage punk" - Daniel Warren, INDIE ROCK REVIEWS

"TÜLIPS are fucking awesome. Part bedroom pop, part riot grrrl act a la Pussy Riot. All killer no filler." - Zane Roessell, INDIE ROCK REVIEWS

"The two ladies traded off singing lead literally every other song, like they were co-consuls, each one becoming a three-minute president when she took the mike." - D.M. Collins, L.A. RECORD

DJ Val Fleury

Val Fleury is half of Immigré DJs - A dynamic duo known for their innate love for music, style, and international culture, as well was finding cutting-edge and exciting ways to openly mix music: indie rock, nu-disco, trap, electro pop, house & more. MiniMix debuted summer 2013 and is available on Soundcloud.

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