Broad Street Music Group Presents: Sounds of Philly

Broad Street Music Group Presents: Sounds of Philly

Join BSMG for another great night of music!

A Day Without Love
The Phosphenes
Patrick Donovan
Family Vacation

The self-proclaimed "clean-cut, young-face bul from the toilet" is a Philadelphia native who cruses through the realms of music genres, but has found a home with Hip Hop. He taps into the traditions of lyrics and Hip Hop while presenting the traits of a quality artist. Being in his early twenties, this young Philadelphian has seen a lot, but still is experiencing the world around him, and presenting those experiences through captivating song. The name "Bey" was given to him by his mother and is apart of his actual name; Amir Akram-Bey Richardson. Bey is also a name that is used by his close family and friends. When creating his music he hopes to establish that closeness with listeners, which is the reason why he goes by the name Bey.

Widow Maker Social Club

The 5 members of Widow Maker Social Club have been together for a long time. Not since college or even high school, rather, going to Kindergarten with each other, buying first instruments together, getting through the awkward early 20’s together, old band breakups to new band makeups, becoming uncles together and burying their loved ones together. They do all things together.

Lead Vocalist and Pianist Matthew Ooi started crafting the band’s early songs in the childhood home of drummer Michael O’Boyle over 3 years ago in Wilmington, Delaware. The addition of bassist Nicholas DeMaio and guitarists Jose Lopez and Christopher DeJoseph completed the original lineup and the band spent its 1st year in an unfinished basement writing what would become their debut EP entitled ‘Revolutions’.
The goal of the EP was to show how 5 musicians who grew up in their respective music scenes could show their growth and maturity from their prior releases.

Widow Maker Social Club delivered and continues to deliver songs that have a strong backbeat and Show Tune-quality 3 part vocal delivery. They accurately write lyrics that are identifiable not only among their own peers, but younger teens experiencing love for the first time to their parents trying to understand all of the reasons life is difficult.

Their live shows display their obsessive characteristics towards rehearsal and their undying promise to deliver the best performance no matter how big or small the venue or crowd may be. They have been known to switch instruments many times throughout the set O'Boyle is credited for 3 instruments in the most recent recording, 'Get Closer' While Ooi and Lopez have 2 each as well. .The crowd watches with a fascinated attention between songs due to the band’s unpredictable nature and instrumentation.

Other than June 2013’s ‘Revolutions’, Widow Maker Social Club has recorded another EP with famed engineer and artist Ace Enders at The Living Room in Hammonton, NJ entitled 'Get Closer'.

‘Revolutions’ is available world-wide on iTunes and can be streamed for free on their site. 'Get Closer' will be featured exclusively on and will be available to download at a ‘pay what you want’ price.

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