Siaosi, Pieter T, Kiwini Vaitai, Jay Keyz


Siaosi (pronounced: See-ow-see) Kakala Taulani Jr. was born to Siaosi Taulani Sr. and Seni Lose Tupou in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Siaosi was able to develop a relationship with the band and eventually became a singing member with “Inoa’ole.” “Inoa’ole” had topped the charts with such #1 hits as “Take This Raft” in Hawaii, “Ta’u Koula” in Tonga, and “Pretty Island Woman” in Guam.

Kiwini Vaitai

Even though fame and the spotlight was never the fuel behind pursuing a career in music, it has come to Kiwini (pronounced Kee-vee-nee) Vaitai simply because his fans can’t get enough of him. Born in Dallas, TX and a local of Waianae, HI, Kiwini (who is half Tongan and half Hawaiian) has really taken the best of both his Tongan and Hawaiian cultures to create music that is enjoyed and loved by many. His style of music is an obvious product of his musical upbringing but his work ethic and passion for music is the very reason he has come to work with some of the biggest Urban Island artists today. Collaborating with the best is a sure way to number himself among the best and Kiwini is right on track and making that a living reality every day.

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