Seriously!Crank IT! Feat. Alex Young-Knuckle Children TEKNiCOLOR and RKTR

Alt+ J = ∆ .

Most 16-year-olds are lucky enough to get props from their friends, parents, coaches, or teachers.

Meanwhile, Alex Young counts Skrillex, Diplo, Dillon Francis, Kill The Noise, Flosstradamus, 12th Planet, RL Grime, Baauer, and numerous other DJs as supporters, and he's barely old enough to have a driver's license. However, His blend of shimmering electro, house, and hip hop makes for an intoxicating cocktail bound to get even the savviest of electronic dance music connoisseurs moving. The dance floor is about to get "Young".

Residing in the suburbs of Washington D.C., the emerging artist and producer began making music in 2011. Initially, he studied the art of recording, and that opened the doorway for his personal discovery of EDM. "That sparked my desire to learn even more about production," he explains. "I also wanted to make my own style of music at that point because I realized it was possible."

His "own music" is built in a very organic manner. He'll bring an idea to life by initially writing on guitar or keyboard, and then he'll synthesize it, transposing it digitally and striking a delicate balance. In the process, he's landed on an amalgam unlike anything else out there.

"Honestly, my style is very hip hop-influenced, but I try to fuse that with electronic music," he goes on. "I'm trying to create the perfect balance between hard-hitting and melodic songs."

That mission is accomplished on original tracks such as "Boomerang" and "Outrage" as well as sizzling remixes for the likes of Cults. The music instantly exudes overpowering energy that's kinetic enough to get any club on its feet. The funny thing is, this wunderkind is too young to even to attend half of those places he's playing.

"Many people can't believe how old I am," he smiles. "However, that's not what's important. I want to make music that leaves a lasting impression and is remembered for years to come."

That impression begins with the release of his forthcoming EP in 2013, and the world will get a chance to formally meet this impresario.

Knuckle Children

Knuckle Children is the alter ego of powerhouse DJ/Producer veterans Adam Darby, Cristen Darby and Chris Vrakas. Adam Darby aka AbelGein is most notably recognized from his work as a member of world-renowned Drum N’ Bass group - GEIN. Chris Vrakas has been heavily involved in the industry for a decade+ - DJn nearly 300 gigs a year and dabbling heavy into music production. Cristen has played a major role behind the scenes as the backbone of Gein and Bad Chemistry recordings for nearly 6 years. Combined, their creative powers come together to pack a serious punch.

Knuckle Children hit the ground running immediately after bootlegging Nicki Minaj’s “Beez In The Trap” and receiving massive blog support. Shortly thereafter, KC collaborated on 2 original tunes w/ Bro Safari that hit over 100,000 Soundcloud plays collectively. KC & Bro Safari’s “Freak” hit #1 on the Soundcloud “trap” charts and has been receiving support from the likes of Diplo, A-Trak, Excision, Nadastrom, Z-Trip, Figure, DJ Craze and more. KC's released an original dubstep-drumstep transition track on Play Me Records, and put out massive bootlegs of Nicky Romero's "Toulouse" and Paul Van Dyk's "We Are Alive." Knuckle Children has quickly surged in the ranks of all things bass related and plans to push the envelope with releases across the spectrum of electronic and hip-hop influenced music. Brace yourself.


Not only has TEKNiCOLOR sculpted his path as a producer and DJ, he also is an aspiring entrepreneur. Fueling anything and everything TEKNi-related through his company “TEKNiNDUSTRiES”; TEKNiCOLOR is able to run professional business functions through an established entity while still providing the entire TEKNi projects name recognition. Common items to flow through TEKNiNDUSTRiES are custom-made TEKNiCOLOR t-shirts, stickers, business cards, music production assets, and much more. TEKNiNDUSTRiES largest and current asset, the TEKNiCiRCUS, is comprised of four individuals who go by the name of: Bluu, Flo, Zacrobat, and Zeal. To further the dynamic of the TEKNi-experience, CiRCUS members provide stimulating visuals with a personal touch during live sets. The TEKNiCIRCUS is truly one of the few innovations to make it within the dance music culture and community as a whole while demonstrating their skills in the art of cirque, entertainment, and originality.

RKTR (pronounced "reactor") is like nothing you've heard before. This is pure dance music that has emotion, depth and melody unlike anything before it. It will rock your subs and slam your head straight into a wall of digital sounds. RKTR is the feeling you get during the climax of a rave, or the sensation felt while falling through the air. YOU, are part of the reactor. Join us.

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